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Naruto Online
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Naruto Online - I will be the Hokage !!

Naruto Online is a game based on the anime series called Naruto. This is a game that can be played without the need to download any files since we can play it directly in Google Chrome.

Naruto Online gives us the option to be part of the story of the Naruto series when starting the game we will have to select one of five characters to use as our main character.

Each character we can select has abilities that use different environmental elements, all are very well designed and possess a great variety of abilities.

The characters that we can select are the Midnight Blade that possesses abilities that use the power of the ray. He possesses different types of techniques but his main abilities are the attacks that affect a single enemy, and his abilities that have less power of attack are the abilities that affect to multiple enemies at the same time.

Azure Fang is another character we can select, this is a female character and has abilities that use the element of water.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The Azure Fang can also use medical skills to heal all of their companions, in addition to healing skills and water techniques also uses poisonous skills

Also, we can select the Scarlet Blade that possesses abilities of the fire element, the Breezer Dance possess abilities of the wind element and they possess great advantage against the masculine enemies.

And the last character we will have available to select is the Crimson Fist which has abilities based on the element Earth and abilities that increase their physical strength.

Naruto online being an official game of the series Naruto possesses many elements of the series of anime, like a soundtrack of great quality and many personages of the series.

These characters will give us special missions and the main missions in which we will be able to participate in the main events that happened in the Naruto series.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Naruto Online allows us to perform the different mission with different characters of the Naruto series. As we advance in the history of the game we can gradually recruit different characters to join our combat team.

At first, we will have the top three in the story that are Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura.

Like many games that are of this same style, Naruto Online offers us an option to get special items if we play at least once daily. In addition, it offers us missions that can only be done once a day in which we will be able to defeat special enemies.

The quality of Naruto Online's character designs and the amazing soundtrack make Naruto Online a great game that will give us many hours of fun.

Naruto Online is very similar to a game that was also downloaded in the series of Naruto called ninja saga, both use a very similar fighting system but with the difference that Naruto Online uses characters with 3D effect.

Naruto Online is a great game that is worth playing if you are a fan of the anime series. As it will allow us to be part of the story of Naruto and together with all the characters in the series we can create our own story.
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