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Naruto Online
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Be the best ninja on Naruto Online

Naruto Online has many good things and one of them is this game is an official game, so each character maintains the same design as in the original series and we can also notice that the soundtrack from this game has the original soundtrack from the series both in the fighting and in the starting city from the game also have the soundtrack from the series, I really like this detail because it delves more into the game.

Naruto Online is a game that as its name says it is based on the anime series Naruto, in this game we will be a ninja in training and we will join the adventures of Naruto from its beginnings.

In this game not only individually fight against enemies, we can recruit different ninjas from the series of Naruto to join our team and be able to perform missions with them, we can use several ninjas at the same time in each battle and each Will have a skill
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
In Naruto Online we can use different ninja techniques, on this time I select a ninja who can mainly use water element techniques and is a specialist in medical techniques.

In this game, there are different ninja villages and we will start in the Hidden Leaf Village (Konoha), the detail in the designs from the village of Konoha is very well done and we can notice that the developers went to great lengths in this.

Naruto Online is a game that is very well done if we observe each ninja and his techniques are very well-balanced, making each fight is challenging, and not like other games that from the beginning we can use incredibly powerful techniques, in Naruto online we will have that go up of level little by little and with time our character will be able to learn to use stronger techniques.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
And also we will be able to teach new techniques to the ninja that we have recruited in our equipment.

Having an option to be able to recruit a lot of ninjas from the Naruto series, makes us create different strategies as I select a ninja with medical techniques and water also I recruit sakura to be another support already That she is a specialist in medical techniques and recruits Naruto and Sasuke so that both are the main attacker, while I used techniques that produced poisonings or reduce the defense to the enemies

Naruto Online is really entertaining and very fun, and that this game is an official Naruto game makes it much better.

The only problem I see in Naruto Online is that in battles have a semi-automatic system, the basic attacks from our partners will be automatic but we can choose which enemy to attack and whether to use a special technique or not.
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