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Paladins Androxus Guide

Androxus is a flank champion who's main damage output comes from his Revolver weapon he is a quick and mobile champion and destroys other champions with his revolver and nether steps. This guide will explain all of abilities, pros and cos, the best loadout that I and alot of pros use and tips to get better with Androxus

Left Click: Revolver-This is androxus basic attack that deals 600 damage per shot at close range every .5s with 6 ammo count
- This attack is very effective at close range
- There is alot of fall off damage going from a close range headshot damage of 900 to a long range headshot of 271 so close range is viable for alot of damage

Right Click- Defiance -This is androxus secondary attack which is Fire a burst of 3 rounds from your revolver, with reduced accuracy dealing 300 damage per shot over 1.2 seconds
- u get bonus damage if u hit all of the 3 shots, u get 500 bonus damage, isnt that nice?
- DO NOT use this ability it is useless you are better off left clicking, the only viable place is if you are face to face with a tank or need to hit 3 shot off really fast in order to kill someone before you are killed

Q ability- Reversal-his is Androxus Q (skill) which Absorb all shots from the front. After 1.4s, fire a blast dealing 75% of the damage you absorbed
- with 16 seconds cooldown....which is long
-Even though this is Androxus's defense ability it is mainly used as his secondary attack especially with his reversal legendary card with grants him a base damage of 800 plus the additional damage he absorbs

F ability- Nether Step-- This is Androxus F (skill) which Quickly dash forward in any direction. Can be used three times before going on Cooldown. Hold Jump while in the air to reduce fall speed
- Can be use as escape or catching an enemy
-combining this with his ultimate ability is deadly and is highly necessary

Ultimate ability-Accursed Arm-This is Androxus E (skill) which Begin flying for 4s and mutate your Revolver to fire 4 explosive blasts that deal 1000 damage every .5 seconds.
- Combine this ultimate with u nether step, because with nether step u can go into the sky and get a good vantage point for this ultimate
-For getting multiple kills with this ultimate it is best used on squishies like Skye, Viktor, Evie pretty much all flanks and damage champions

Pros:- High damage.
- Can carry games.

Cons-High Skill Cap, takes along time and practice to get good as Androxus
-low survivability
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
There are many different Loadout combinations the following loadout is what I use and I main Androxus being a mastery Platinum level 20 and I have well over 500 hours in the game. This is the loadout I use and a lot of top tier professional players use like Stolzey and PrinceDannyTV. As well as loadout cards there are also legendary cards to fit each individuals play style. The three legendary cards for Androxus are Heads will roll which grants androxus +50% headshot damage, Reversal grants Androxus a base damage of 800 plus the absorbed damage and lastly Dark stalker Androxus’s nether steps are no longer linked so you can use them separately and has a much shorter cooldown.
Loadout: the following loadout is the loadout i use and alot of top tier pro players use the same loadout

Sleight of Hand 1- Using nether step regenerates 3 ammo
Abyss walker 3- nether step heals you for 130 per step
Power of the Abyss 4- hitting a reversal reduces the cooldown of nether step by 100%
Buying Time 1- Reversal Regenerates 3 ammo
Seething Hatred 3-Hitting an enemy reduces the cooldown of reversal by 1.5 seconds
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Tips- when buying items the first one to get is cautize then haven or blast shield if they have a healer which 9 times out of 10 they will
-never go head on always flank to the left or right if you see more than 2 enemies flanking your way go to the other side and flank them from behind
-if you think an enemy is around a corner and you are rushing them on your horse go behind cover first and look around the corner and see if they are coming your way if they are wait for them to go around the corner and surprise attack them
-The biggest tip i can give you is to practice, practice, PRACTICE, find a comfortable sensitivity, reticle colour and type and practice in the shooting range then move on to casual games and ranked games
- The final tip for winning alot of 1v1 against any flank, healer or damage and is the combo that i personally use and has helped me alot is shoot 2 times dash up left shoot at them, dash right shoot at them and dash left again. If they are still alive use reversal as it will regenerate 3 ammo and with the reversal legendary card will finish them off.

Using all these tips will drastically improve your androxus gameplay and has helped me alot. I have over 500 hours in the game and i am a mastery platinum level 20 Androxus.
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