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Wizard 101: Worth Your Time?

I've been playing Wizard101 recently to complete a bananatic quest. Unlike many other people, many people had a phase in their childhood when they were obsessed with this game. This game's audience is towards elementary kids and as I am older than that, I find it the games repititve and boring. Here is a run down of how the game works. ( It's kind of like real life Harry Potter but lamer ) Basically you are a wizard and there are many different people and places you have to travel to to complete quests. Usually the quests are to talk to some general, or fight a certain number of monsters. You have mana which is for spells, and health that increases as you level up. It took my around 3 days to get to level 8 with a broom. You have different cards you can draw for fighting monsters and you can also fight along side other players.
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The main thing I disliked about this game was how much of the game was pay to play. You have to pay to get access to certain areas, and you have to pay to get most all the motor transport and basically everything available in the shop. I saw alot of players riding around on dragons speeding past me and I just think it is a shame they are wasting their money on getting wands and robes in a virtual game. Another aspect I hated was how you had to walk back and forth (with someplaces very far away ) in order to complete tasks. The most annoying part was that you kept bumping into annoying monsters which you had to fight, and they are very hard to avoid. Also, other players can join your battle which makes the battle even longer. This process drains your mana and you have to start at where you were again.
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Alright, even with all the cons, surprisingly there are some pros. It is a fun concept to fight along side players in a mass multiplayer game. It is an easy game to run on the computer and hardly experiences any lag unless your computer is garbage. I like the variety of spell cards they have to offer even though the cards are mostly very poor in accuracy ( even though it states it has 80% accuracy). In multiplayer battles, I can never tell what is going with the traiangle thing in the middle spinning randomly and I just don't get how the turns work. Some lower level players or afk players can join and waste your health, mana and time. Since I have nothing else positive to say I might as well state that it has a cool font.

Overall this game targets a younger audience and you probably won't enjoy it if you have matured.
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Author pokemasterx77
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