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Taiko no tatsujin switch review

Taiko no tatsujin is a game available on the Nintendo switch exclusively, unless you wish to take a trip to Asia to play the original arcade version of this game. It is a very colourful and bright rhythm game that can be played with either button or motion controls depending on your play style. It also can be played on their own taiko drum control with drum sticks if you are willing to pay for one. There is also a multitude of modes you can experience this game on these are: taiko mode, don katsu fight, online battle, party game and local wireless session. Today I will be sharing my experiences with the game as a whole and all its mechanics, in conjunction I will also review what it does well and what may need some work if they wish to make a remake of this game. As for age range this game is suitable for all ages to play however for younger kids or those prone to anger I recommend supervision as it can get a bit frustrating for people on certain tougher levels or settings in the game.

The gameplay is simple and addicting. You shake the joy con a certain direction or press a button according to the colour of the note shown on screen. There is four levels of difficulty for each level: easy, normal, hard and extreme. This helps to avoid boredom with the game which is also helped by their huge selection of songs to try out. The songs and divided into category based on type to help you find what you are looking for, these category's are: NAMCO original, pop, anime, vocaloid, variety, classical and game music. If you do however finish or bore of these selected songs you can buy DLC packs for a price these give you access to a also wide variety of songs anywhere from Undertale songs to Pokémon. This is the main perk of the game as these are somewhat cheap and make the game addictive to play for many months at a time and this only for the original mode of playing. One good thing to note about this mode also if when you select your avatar it can provide benefits or handicaps to make your experience harder or smoother based on what you feel is right for you.

As for the graphics as previously mentioned they are very saturated in colour. Everything is very cute and bright which I could see being a huge plus when appealing to a child's senses. The characters are all also very adorable in a way even a adult could appreciate. You also get to see this a lot in party mode as the minigames really show off what these graphics can do. My only complaints are that the motion controls gather a lot less points than the button controls; this is somewhat fixed in online mode by separating the categories however the game would benefit with a separation of high scores beaten the controls. The other complaint I have is when using the button controls it is very easy to strain the muscles in the hand if you dive into a hard mode immediately. While this more a fault of the user than the game it is something I feel would do them well to keep in mind. To conclude taiko no tatsujin is a family friendly, colourful rhythm game that is in my opinion worth its weight in gold.

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