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PvP Tips And Tricks #1

Hey there!Every wanted to be a pro at PVP? Ever encounter a great PvP'er who just demolishes everyone and you don't stand a chance against him? Don't let that stop you!I will be introducing you to some tips and tricks to become a pro at PvP.

#1: Terrain To Your Advantage!
Don't rely on only your sword, armor and mouse to be a good PvP'er. Be smart and use the things around you and your skills!If there is lava, water, or void somewhere, make your attacker go next to it and carefully knock them in! Also, use your altitude to your advantage. Get to a higher point to easily use a special technique called "Jump N Hit". Jump toward your opponent and slash multiple times. Get back up and do it again and again. Who also says you have to do all the fighting? Try to lure mobs and creepers to your opponent to make them hostile toward them. Creepers and zombies will work effectively.
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#2: Customize your settings!
Yes! Fighting with a laggy computer can greatly damage you during PvP. Get a better FPS setting! I currently run on a very smooth 350-500 FPS per seconds. It's basically how fast your computer can load pixels. Unfortunately, I'm no expert at this of course so I would strongly recommend a great youtube video
Also, a very helpful feature is called "bobbing". It should be in your video settings, if it's not then look around and find it and it should say, "View Bobbing" Turn it off. Now you will find that whenever you run you shouldn't see your screen rock up and down or shake. Follow everything listed in the video.A lot of videos don't include this but reducing the resolution AKA size of your Minecraft while you play increases FPS. Only do this if you can see it properly otherwise it might damage your eyes!
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#3: Repeat, Focus, Practice!
Nobody said being a great PvP'er is going to be easy!It will take time! Practice, practice, practice! It should take about a good 3-4 months. Try practicing in singleplayer on mobs and then building up bigger challenges.Try playing UHC on MultiPlayer Servers and other PvP games!You will become great, a legend!Build a mob grinder on creative mode singleplayer without the piston grinders and kill all mobs. Download awesome maps from the internet that are Tower Defence PvP such as Cake Defense or Block Defense!Try spawning in a mix of mobs without any grinders and fighting them all in an open zone.If you're tired of weak mobs, try harder ones! Try enderman, creepers, supercharged creepers and even a Giant Zombie or the EnderDragon!Just keep improving until you become the best!

Thanks for reading my guide, I hope you enjoyed, please comment feedback and what you liked and what to see next!Bye!
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