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Monsterginger's Tomb raiser guide

The main job of a tomb raiser is to deal constant damage and to take the aggro of add's using the tomb raisers minions. If you want to optimize your tomb raiser to the maximum damage it can get (to my knowledge) Then this is the guide for you.


"Soul Caller: Periodically attract a restless soul, up to a maximum of 3. Additionally, slaying enemies attracts a soul and your basic attacks return a small amount of damage done as health"

"Leech: Constantly leeches health from nearby enemy"s when you hit them"


"Bonetourage: Spawn a skeletal minion that will fight by your side until your enemies are dust."

"Baneshee’s Boon: Use a soul to step into the shadows and channel energies from the afterlife to heal your minions."

"Grave Golem: Construct a monstrous minion from the bones of your skeletal subordinates! The more skellies you sacrifice, the larger the burly brute will be."

Grave golems Damage increases per sacrifice is as follows:

"0-1 Minions - 175% Auto Attack - 530% Smash
2 Minions - 250% Auto Attack - 750% Smash
3 Minions - 325% Auto Attack - 970% Smash
4 Minions - 400% Auto Attack - 1190% Smash
5 Minions - 475% Auto Attack - 1410% Smash
6 Minions - 550% Auto Attack - 1600% Smash"
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Very resistant to damage While you have minions taking aggro
Skeleton minions that deal damage
Area of effect damage and even better area of effect damage when in banshee form
Ult has a short cooldown; can use it very often
Leeches health

Cannot increase attack speed
Cannot increase attack range
Weak when you have no minions/golems spawned

Suggested gear stats:
Hat: Health, Health Regen, Max Health%, Movement Speed
Weapon: Magic Damage, Energy Regeneration, Jumps/Health Regeneration, Health
Mask: Health, Movement Speed, Magic Damage, Health Regeneration
Ring: Magic Damage, Energy Regeneration

Suggested Flask:
"Elysian Bandoiler: Heals 20% of your max HP on use and has 18 charges base. "
Because the Tomb Raiser can leech, I would suggest using the bandoiler. The bandoiler is the best option because Most of the time you are just going to be using the potion for the emblems, not the actual heal.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Suggested Emblems:

Arcane Emblem: Doubles magic damage temporarily.
This emblem doubles your magic attack damage for your main skills as well as your minions.

Energetic Emblem: Boosts your energy regeneration temporarily.
This emblem will allow you to keep your banshee's boon up longer and more often, though many people also use ["Zealous Emblem: Restores all of your spent energy."] Which restores all lost energy.

Suggested allies:
Chronomancer Qubesly: +20% Magic Damage +25% Cooldown Reduction
Teensy Shadow Trader: +8% Magic Damage Chance on Kill for +50% Damage +30 MS
Feisty Flamedancer: +10 Max Energy +12% Energy Regeneration

Suggested sub-class: Naval Gunfire (Pirate Captain)
+Magic Find
Damaging an enemy has a chance to call a cannon ball from the sky.
This subclass skill has a 30 second cool-down and has a 20-25% chance to activate on hit.
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Author MonsterGinger
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