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Battlefield 4 (B2P)
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Modern Warfare Done Right

I started playing Battlefield way back in the day when Battlefield 3 was free on Playstation plus. I really enjoyed the game play and sank hours into it. so i knew i wanted to pick up the sequel as soon as i heard about it. Battlefield 4 was released in 2013, and its campaign stars Sargent Blackburn, who is part of a military group called Tombstone. After the death of their leader Dunn, Blackburn now has to lead tombstone and stop an all out attack from the Chinese Army. Soon after, a woman who is also Chinese joins your team, and your team has to deal with their conflicting emotions on whether she is on their side or is just there to gain their trust and back stab them. In terms of story, its okay. It does a serviceable job in telling what it needs to tell. Its not too deep or intuitive but FPS games aren't known for their stories.
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In terms of game play, Battlefield 4 is about as formulaic as FPS games go, but it expands the scope of its maps as well as the number of players in them. It's absolutely exhilarating to fight in 64 vs 64 shootouts and the maps these battles take place in are massive. Not to mention many parts of these maps have things you can interact with, from switches to open and close doors, to collapsing whole buildings. I really recommend this game to anybody who enjoys FPS games or even wants to get into them. There are a wide variety of guns to fit any different type of playstyle, as well as different classes that have different functions and even weapons for that class only. For example, the Recon class is the only class that can utilize a sniper. One of their tools is a beacon, which allows you to spawn directly on top of it rather than fixed points on the map to get back into the fight faster.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Though this game was made in 2013,, in terms of sound direction and especially graphics,
this game holds up very well to this very day. Being created on the Frostbite 3 engine, this game looks and feels crisp and realistic. The only bit of music that really plays is the theme song to the game which is a staple of the Battlefield series and makes long time fans feel right at home with this new installment of the series. I highly recommend this game to anybody who wants an amazing, and breathtaking first person shooter experience. The pure thrill you get sprinting alongside your comrades while you rush a point in Conquest and kill everybody is unmatched in this game, and given that its 4 years old, it's really cheap to pick it up. The premium edition that comes with all the dlc has even released for free so if you want to play it now is your chance! Get out there soldier!
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