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Forge of Empires
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Forge Of Empires A Great Free To Play!

So where do I start with such a great little game? I had the pleasure of playing this game while earning some points so not much else can be said apart from a fun experience and earning points too! when you begin you will be in the stone age and the tutorial will soon get you out of it into the bronze age. There is a very expansive skill tree that will take you some time to master due to it going through all of the ages in the world's history and a prediction to what the future will be like! you gain skill points that you can spend them on upgrades. For instance, the first one I got was the wheel, this allows you to unlock the ability to make chariots which are used in the combat.

You can also unlock buildings and then buy them and place them down within your city. This is where you will be doing most of your main actions as it is where you will receive your 24-hour tax money and all houses also make money and little workshops such as a pottery will make you resources that you can then use to make even more buildings and houses. The combat is what makes up a good amount of the game as well so let's move on to that
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
So the combat! This is a turn based system where you can move one of the soldiers that you have brought with you to fight! You start off by selecting the map and then clicking on what region you want to fight in. once there you can select for multiple areas that all have a reward in it for you. This could be gold, resources or a building or structure blueprint. once conquered you can then move on to the next one and keep going until you have all the squares of the area then you can move on to the next area.

While in combat you will see a set of hexagons on the floor this the space that the characters are allowed to move in. You will be strategically moving around the map to try and find a space to hit your enemies from. Once you attack the enemy, they will take damage but they are also allowed to hit you back. They will deal less damage than normal however due to it being your attack and not theirs. You can also ambush them at the start, this will damage them a little before the battle. To win just kill them all!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
There is much more that you can do due to a large amount of events and other things that the developers add all the time to keep the game fresh. For instance, the game as of summer 2017 has a wheel that you can spin and this will give you a random prize from that day. This can improve how your base works or give you a special unit to use in battle. You can also unlock buildings, resources, gold and much more. This is just the start for me however and I plan to keep playing this game way after I have received my rewards!

To conclude, this game is like a more longer version of Civilization 5 and has a lot less combat and stress involved. You can go through the eras how you want and will not be pressured to go through them more quickly as you opponents are. This can be played when and where ever you want and you can leave and come back without any effect on you or the gameplay its self.
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Author SnoopyJammers
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