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Animal Jam- An Honest Review By A Non-Member (2021)

Animal Jam! I remember playing this game back when I was way younger. Now I am a bit too old on it, but then I saw this game on the place and I thought: Wow! Let's play it again!

So I present to you, a new updated 2021 review of Animal Jam!

Upon creating my character (I was a penguin), I noticed that the game's graphics haven't changed much upon entering, but it still captured my attention visually and put me in awe. I also noticed that the game was less laggy now than before! I don't know if that was because I am using a different device now instead of before, but I thought that was worth mentioning. I found out that there were new adventure missions (Basically you would hop in a lobby and defeat phantoms, complete quests, and solve puzzles in order to beat the level and earn gems and to have fun!). Some of the most interesting missions were membership only (Which was kind of disappointing) but I tried out one of the free adventures and I still enjoyed the adventure a lot.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Next up, I went to my "den", which is sort of your house that you can go to. You can purchase different dens like a castle, or treehouse, igloo, etc. And I visited it. I had forgotten my old Animal Jam account already so I had to create a new Animal Jam account, therefore my "den" was empty. So I decided to go to the shops around the Animal Jam world and maybe get some furniture! I saw a lot of cool stuff like statues, and lamps, and carpets. Some were members-only and some were too expensive for me, so I decided to hold off on buying furniture and instead went to earn some gems!

There are many different ways to earn gems, such as games, certificates, buying them, etc. I went to the Arcade to play some games and earn gems. They were pretty fun minigames and I was pretty good at them, so I got a lot of gems in no time. I bought a nice comfy couch, a tall lamp, a carpet, a table, a shelf, and a nice small wood statue for my den. I also learned about many new currencies that I could use to buy more diverse items!

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

One of the main aspects of the game was an educational scavenger hunt. There were many different places you could teleport to, like a snow mountain, a desert, savannah, deep sea, etc. There would be unique animals belonging to those places, and if you found where those animals were and clicked on them, you would get a "badge" to add to your encyclopedia! I went around finding animals and I got a prize for collecting all of them. Along with being able to learn about all the different animals living in different areas around the world, the game exposes us to educational videos in different sections. There are also many secrets and easter eggs which make the game more intense and test your observational skills!

Overall, Animal Jam is still fun even though people might say I'm a little too old for this game. But it's still very interesting, kid-friendly, unique, and immerse. It's definitely a game for all ages, so don't be afraid to try it out! This is my honest review upon spending 30 minutes on the game, good luck gamer!

5.0 (1)
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