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My opinion on the game.

When i was younger for 2 years straight i played this game.
it used to be fun and better than it is now since its mainly targeted towards kids. i don't like the taste of the game very much anymore, that's obvious though because I'm older, nor am i younger anymore.

The account you see I'm using is the exact same one that i had when i was younger.

When i first headed into the game, I expected to feel the same as i did when my younger self played, yet i didn't i would say the graphics have been improved a lot, thus, i cannot say it gives me any new feelings at all. i still feel like its the same childish thing i played over and over. the only thing added onto that feeling was that it felt like i had grown out of it from playing too much. sometimes, i even played this game all night, child-wise.
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some areas in the artwork and areas that you can play and use your character in have been kept the same, giving me no new feelings at all. I can say that they did kind of give the non-members a few more privileges than they did back then. thus, i didn't have to worry about being piled on top of the members, because infact, i was a member. my mum was quite annoyed it used money. to be honest, i don't think membership should exist anyway. It's money wasting as all you get are a few more privileges than the non-members.

Some of the game was kept the same, just like parts of the game graphics, which bored me to death, though parts of the new updates where pretty neat, though some of the promised things were kept until the next update, which peeved me off.

so far, the game sucks so far. no offense if you do like the game yourself.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
as i explored Jamaa(the world these animals live in), there wasn't much for me to do. I mean, there was new mini games as i said earlier to try, but i tried them all once. they didn't last long for me. I'm a little peeved that they didn't fix any Microsoft edge glitches when it would be easy to make it so then users that use that browser can use this game with no problems at all.

Some of the common errors that i encountered:
I tried to enter a new area, thus it wouldn't load, leaving me stuck on the loading screen.
Some times when i minimized the page, it would lead me to a black screen saying error, then i would have to refresh the page.
When i moved, it would freeze for a whole minute, and did that again when i next moved.
it wouldn't load at all sometimes when i logged in after closing the page down to get rid of some bugs.

In conclusion, this game needs to update their browser usage types, upgrade some graphics that they didn't even change, does have some neat features in the upcoming and current updates and does give a new feeling when you look at all the new graphics.

Thank you for taking your time to read my opinion on this game. Please do not discriminate against this as this is my own opinion.
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Author bonina
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