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Which legend to choose Part 2

Welcome back everyone today I am gonna explain about two legends wraith and bangalore from apex legends.I had previously wrote an article on which legend to choose where I explained about dirst four legends Bloodhound,Gibraltar, Pathfinder and Lifeline. I checked that article later and I found lots of mistkes and grammatical errors in it I would improve on that soon But for now it goes like this: Wraith: Wraith's real name is renne hope blessey and she is from planet pandora. She is known as the interdimensional skirmsher in the apex games.As her name suggests she has abilities related to rifts and portals and dimensional powers. She has a very small hitbox infact the smallest hitbox in the game.She isknown as one of the best legend in apex legend because she is very hard to shoot and she is very fast. She is an offensive character so she is mostly used to rush into enemies. Her passive ability is the voices from the void.Woth this ability she can hear if anyone is around here or if someone is aiming down their sights on her. Sometimes this voices are very obvious and many players don't pay attention to it when playing the game.It can still be helpful sometimes.

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Her tactical ability is into the void. It helps herto travel faster and she gets inpenetrable from bullets for some time. It can be used to escape fights or get into fight. Even if it makes her invisible she has an purple aura around which can be used to track her. You cannot shoot or open doors while using this ability so be careful when you use it. Her ultimate ability is the dimensional rift.She can make portals or rifts which you,your teammates and your enemies as well. This ability lasts for few seconds and this can be used to escape or protect your teammates from the storm. You can setup traps in the other side of the portal which your enemy can fall on. This can even happen to you and you can fall for a trap or you could be ambushed by your enemies.So be aware of these things. Overall she is very good and is not easy to use for beginners. Bangalore:Bangalore is an offensive legend.She is from Gridiron planet. Her real name is Anita Williams. Her passiveability is dohble time. It makes her faster when she is hit with bullets.If you don't know then I will tell you that the heavy ammo can slowdown your enemies but heavy ammos slowdown doesn't work on her while using this ability.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

With double time you can reach twice the distance in shorter time. Her tactical ability is the smoke launcher which allows her to throw two smoke grenades from her launcher i can be used to rush enemies or blind them to attack or from there.This makes her even better.It has a very small cooldown. And you stip throwing it by using melee. She is called the proffessional soldier in the apex games because of this reason. As she looks and her names says she is from military background and she is using her knowledege to win the apex legends championship. Because she has a military background Her ultimate is kind of like that. Her ultimate is the rolling thunder in which she calls an artilerry that throws missiles in 6 by 6 format across about 70 meters.It is very simila to Gibraltar's ultimate ability. It deals 40 damage and has a slowdown effect.Squadmates are not damaged but the slowdown effects them too.This can be used to give chip damage to your enemies or to push them.After the missiles land to the ground they take about 6-8 seconds to explode so the enemy has time to run away.It alsonindicates the enemy about the missiles around him/her. This much for today everyone I am sure I presented it properly sorry for any mistakes or grammatical errors in this article and I am gonna make another article about other legends too.Thank you very much.

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