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How to Pick your Main Legend

Maining a legend tends to help your performance on that specific legend just because you get into the comfort zone of knowing their abilities inside and out. You know how to play to their strengths and avoid their weaknesses, the best times to use your abilities and ult, the weird little tricks you can use to cheese a win, etc - and you pick up on that a lot quicker when you're just focusing on the highs and lows of a single legend instead of trying to learn them all at once.

As far as picking a main, it 100% depends on your playstyle. Go off of what you enjoy and your playstyle, not off the meta.

Characters like Wraith, Pathfinder, and Octane are good mains if you play incredibly aggressively and push every battle you see. They all have some poor play forgiveness, which means that if you round a corner and walk directly into a full squad, you have a greater chance of bailing out than most others. Because of this, they're a popular choice for lone droppers and terrible teammates, although their ultimates all give strong positioning benefits for the whole team. For the duration of the game, these are the characters you'll see going from fight to fight.

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Caustic and Wattson are the obvious choices if you want a more defensive playstyle. You'll get more mileage out of them chasing down other teams than you will from making them come to you by playing tactically and taking use of the ring and strong location. These men work best as part of a team, but if you ever find yourself in a 1v3 situation with a complete squad, their traps can save your life.

If you're a strategic gamer, Revenant, Mirage, and Crypto are excellent choices. These are wonderful characters to utilize if you want to outwit the adversary, gain the jump on them in unexpected ways, or unload a full mag into an enemy's back before they even notice you're there. They're usually regarded as the game's weakest characters at the present, but you may still make excellent use of them if you do your best to get an advantage over your opponent before the combat begins.

If you're dying to just win 90% of your games, pick Gibraltar. Currently the most powerful legend, he can tank bullets easily and revive teammates faster than designated healers can.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

The Apex Legends mythos relies heavily on this focus to giving backstories and developing evolving storylines for the Legends. As a result, gamers may be inspired to play a Legend solely based on their personality. These are just a handful of the numerous factors that gamers take into account when deciding which character to play as in Apex Legends. While skills and their place in the current meta are important, non-gameplay considerations like as background and look might persuade players to devote their time to a particular Legend.

The wonderful thing about the characters in this game is that many of them can play several roles, and there isn't really a right or wrong way to play them as long as you know their strengths and weaknesses. Because you have Caustic/Wattson, you don't have to camp the entire game. Wraith is equally adept at sniping as she is at close range. The list could go on and on. You'll get a lot more usage out of them if you figure out your strengths, playstyles, and favourite weaponry, then select characters that complement them.

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