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Stronghold Kingdoms
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My review on Stronghold Kingdoms.

Stronghold Kingdoms is a very fun game. You have to build a town (and castle) and protect it. As you grow you unlock more and more things which will help you in the future. I have reached level 4 and this is where the game starts to slow you down. To level up, you need the required amount of crowns (as shown in the top left corner of the picture below). To reach level 5 you need one hundred and fifty crowns, now that might not seem like much but I'm only earning one crown a day so it is a painful process. The game starts with the tutorial like every other game but at the end, it gives you a free 2-day premium pass, FREE. So all your stuff can happen in the background for a while, while you do what you do. The two problems I have with this game is the music and the repetitiveness, the tutorial is in a sort of grey zone for me though. (as I will explain in the next paragraph along with the music and repetitiveness)
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The game's tutorial helps teach you the basic's of the game but the tutorial is only about fifteen minutes leaving you with what seemed like a rushed introduction. but nevertheless, the game goes on, However, this game gets very repetitive and annoying as you go on, which in my book is not the best way to have fun. as the repetitive nature got to me I had to break off from it to watch youtube, then came back a continued on, That cycle had repeated about fifteen times until I just gave up and started to write this review (with the game STILL running in the background.) The music in the game is like it's from the time when castles where relevant, so the music is not the best but it sort of fit. However, the music feels like it has been forced to fit with the theme although while I play I just ignore the music.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The game overall is quite enjoyable but the fact that I had to stop playing because I couldn't handle the repetitiveness really ruined this game. the best part of the game (in my opinion) is when you get to build your castle and town. Having to think, "I need more houses for my people" and, "I need more of this to help my town grow", It really was a fun game and I do recommend you try it.

As this is the end of my review I will give my rating.

enjoyable gameplay,
fun mechanics,
the art style is different,
many ways to play,
free 2-day premium.

repetitive gameplay,
slightly annoying music.

My rating for this game is a 7.5/10

this game was close to being a clean 9/10 but the annoying music and repetitive gameplay really stopped me from enjoying this piece of work.

I hope you have a good day/night.

thank you for reading
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Author Makriva
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