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Heroes Evolved
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Heroes Evolved: Review

From what I've played so far, Heroes Evolved is a fun game for anyone of any skill level. There's a lot to do and so many heroes which allows for lots of game play with out anything getting repetitive. It also has a large item pool which means that there is a lot to get and use. Each hero seems to be pretty powerful which can be fun to mess around with, but you need specific heroes for specific things which makes sure that you can't become super over powered. One problem I did find was the lack of a player base. While the game is very enjoyable, it is sometimes hard to find a match, and sometimes when you do you'll be matched up with someone who is a much higher or much lower than you. Other than that, I don't see much wrong with it. Unlike it's mobile counterpart, it isn't pay-to-win so you can play with out paying and still have a good time. Overall, a fun game with little error
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Heroes Evolved has been called a League of Legends copy, which I disagree with completely. While both games have similar mechanics and objectives, that could be said for many games. Heroes Evolved brings out a lot of good features and game play that League of Legends could not. One thing that I find better about Heroes Evolved is the fact that there is so many characters and items that you can choose from. There are over 60 playable heroes, which is a lot, and too many items for me to even begin counting. Heroes Evolved also brings a new level of power to game play. Each character is extremely powerful and many may argue that they are over powered but if every character is, there's nothing to compare them to. The game, while it shares mechanics with other games, is very unique and is a fun and interesting type of game
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Heroes Evolved is a fun fast paced League of Legends type game for mobile and PC. Both Mobile and PC versions are unique but they are both entertaining. The Mobile version has a much larger player base than the PC version. This means that there is more people to play with you and more matches to get into, the downside being the inevitable lag. One thing the PC version has that the mobile version lacks is the mass amount of playable characters. While the mobile does have a lot, the PC version has over 50 heroes that you can play as. If you're looking for fast games that may have less than what you want item or character wise, the mobile version is for you. If you want games that may take a while to find but are worth it because the heroes you can play, go with the PC. Either way, you'll be sure to have fun while playing these.
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Author RimmyTim
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