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Crossout as a whole is a great game to play but, sometimes you can find yourself lost in the wasteland.

So to begin with, I'll let you know it's an rpg game and quite different from all the infamous rpg games like dota2, League of legends etc and may be even unique. First of all it uses vehicles as the weapon of destruction, haha you heard it right Vehicles!. Vehicles like jeeps attached with weapons, that you have to drive around and shoot your enemies with. The game consists of 2 teams, can have 6-6 players in each team or may be more but even now every team has a goal to either eliminate all of their enemies or get inside their enemies territory and sit there for the longest time for the victory. I honestly like the idea that even if you're short-handed like your teammate is dead early, you can still cover up by reaching enemies territory and sitting there and you can leave a few of your mates behind to defend your base like keep shooting them or keep engaging/bumping them so that they do not stay longer in your base camp. Honestly loved this idea, it's quite unique to have fights with a car haha!.

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Above you can see an image describing how the maps look like, or the vehicles look like. You can check out how there is a weapon installed in the backseat ( without any roof) of the car. The graphics are okayish to be very honest not like the greatest you'd see but hey it's an rpg game and the graphics are literally better than that of dota's no cap. So what I like about this game is, you can keep upgrading your vehicles, you can spend money on it, buy better weaponary, paint it, attach additional engine parts/body parts of the jeeps and stuff.

The game is easy to learn, basic controls need be memorized other than that, it's just practice, communication, team work and determination that's gonna make you win. I love to play it with friends, it's fun to win games while communicating with your teammates oh boy oh boy it's the best feeling in the world!!. I can be getting bumped by 2-3 enemies and I'd call out my friends to help out and eliminate those specific enemies haha.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

So the game review is quite done here, I'm just gonna share one of my experience from the game. So I had a friend I made on this particular game, we used to play a lot, I had more friends and so including him and others we had a team and we used to play this game and win a lot. One night we played like 30 games in a row, and won like 70% of it, and whenever one of us wanted to leave and go to bed, we all were like come on man just one more game but it was never the last. So during that this friend of mine that I made from the game, got involved in an argument with me and then he said he's not gonna play anymore and he left and you won't believe the next game he got matched up against us only HAHAHAHA. Then all we ganged up, it didn't mattered to us if we lose or win, all we wanted was just to eliminate him and have a little fun so that he'd know what he is missing ( the ultimate fun we all have together ) so we did that only and even he started laughing and then came back to the lobby and of course we put behind the argument we had. So that's all folks, it's a lovely game pretty much easy to play and rock n roll with friends, cheers!

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