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League of Legends
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League of Legend: Season 1 Until Now

I've played League of Legends since it's debut and when you had to actually physicallty purchases a copy of League of Legends yourself to play! Yes. You once had to actuallly pay to play League of Legends and that isn't the wackiest part. The wackiest part was when champions such as Master Yi were played AP and couldn't be killed and were just pretty much killing machines where you press one button and win the game (Seems familiar?).

Well, League of Legends has steadily grown overtime into a massive competitor and household name in the gaming community simply for the fact that it brings along a sense of teamwork and competitiveness amongst you and your friends which is something that most games find themselves struggling with when it comes to being able to entertain or synergize actions together. I've been playing for years now and I can honestly say the essence of the game has never changed at all. Don't be afraid to start out League of Legends even though the Seasons have changed so often and so much and do just give it a try. You might find out something you like!

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

(Here is me, in a ranked game playing as Tryndamere who is known for having the unique ability to not die for 5 seconds. Yes, he can't be reduced below 1 health for the entirety of those 5 seconds and whatever you do won't be able to secure that sweet 300 gold reward.)

Sounds silly? That's because it is and people hate playing against Tryndamere too because he has the ability to also dish out massive amounts of damage just by facerolling and attacking while ALSO being unkillable for that time period. Basically you'll see everyone try their best to run from him late game because of that. Late game refers to the period of time where everyone on both sides of the team have finalized and pretty much already have all the items they were looking or farming for. When it's late game the Death TImer/Respawn timers will also go up making it easier for both teams to end the game with the killing of the opponent as having a player disadvantage is one of the main reasons why games are won and lost on a dime.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

And here is what the death screen looks like which, if you're a decent player like me will usually end up seeing sometimes more than often in a row.. but don't be disheartened because this is what League of Legends is about as a game!

If you enjoy the teamwork and all the amazing fun times you'll have communicating with each other people random people that is, from different parts of the world coming together to try and communicate in English with you then you will surely enjoy the massive game that is known as League of Legends. And believe me you won't get over it that quickly either because there are a hundred over different champions for you to discover and suit your playstyle for without growing stale as it is pretty much impossible to get a random team picked for you where they end up playing the same thing over and over again ensuring that it is atruly random and unique process and game for you each and every round. Don't remember and don't worry about your wins or losses and just have fun! That's what games are for aren't they?

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