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Heroes Evolved
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Heroes Evolved - Other MOBA game

Heroes Evolved, is a new game of the MOBA style, nowadays exist a great variety of games of this same style.

Heroes Evolved for many will be very similar to the League of Legends, both in their battlefield design and on the skills of the characters or champions, this game if it has certain aspects very similar to the League of Legends, but as it has several Similarities also has great differences.

This game has about 88 heroes or champions to select, which means that there are a variety of strategies for each game, this makes Heroes Evolved does not become a repetitive game.

Another point in its favor is that Heroes Evolved is not only available for computers but is also available for cell phones, this makes for a large community of people for this game

Evolved Heroes like many other games of this same style, brings us different types of battles each different from the previous.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
This game has so much modality to be able to play against other people as to be able to play in a team against AI.

Heroes Evolved is also available on the Steam platform for playing on a computer. This benefits him greatly since steam is one of the largest communities of computer games, this allows Heroes Evolved to reach a greater number of people.

Another advantage that Heroes Evolved has with respect to their rivals is that if you play directly from steam you only have to download 4 Mb of data for your computer, and if you want to play it without steam you only have to download 80 Mb of data to Your computer, which makes this game has a greater advantage in terms of data storage, unlike League of Legends or DOTA2 that weigh an approximate 8 or 12 GB of data storage on your computer.

As for the visual, Heroes Evolved is very similar to the League of Legends in terms of their battlefields and the skills of champions or heroes, but each character design is very different in terms of League of Legends.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
And not only that, Heroes Evolved has 88 characters or champions, and each of them has different clothes to customize

Many will think that Heroes Evolved is just another copy of League of Legends, but this one has many important factors that make Heroes Evolved a game that is worth playing.

Whether you own a large community of people or it is also compatible with cell phones, it also brings you a lot of characters to use and a greater variety of strategies to perfect while you play, and all this for a few data storage in your computer.

All this makes Heroes Evolved a game that has a lot of potentials and can be a great game both at the level of League of Legends and Dota2.

So do not be left with the urge to play Evolved Heroes and give this game a chance and you will not regret it.
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