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Anime fun? or Just Quirky.

I've heard a lot about this game, "it's too easy" or "It's just an MMORPG version of SAO". So as a few of my friends were getting into it I decided to check it out and decide for myself whether it deserves all the hate it gets or whether in reality it's a pretty solid MMORPG. I'm a huge fan of this sort of game and so I thought that as I play them a lot that I'd be a rather reliable source to whether or not you should play it or not.

Okay, so firsts things first: While I haven't experienced it, a lot of the Steam reviews for it are very negative. A lot of people have claimed that they bought extras for the game once and then their account got BANNED because, and i quote: "You have been inactive with purchases". Apparently, Aura Kingdom developers think that because you aren't wasting your hard earned money on in-game add-ons, that you're account must be hacked and that's why you aren't buying things.
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Let's get on to my views of the game:
So as soon as you launch the game, you are greeted by a launcher. It's nothing bad as most MMORPGs use a launcher so they don't need to update the files on steam. However, I was not impressed to find that (and this may have been changed) but the initial download was about 3.5 gigabytes and then the update in the launcher is about 5 gigabytes. The only other time i have encountered such horrific organisation is when I downloaded PWI (Perfect World International), where it was 11 gigabytes at first and then a further 10 in the launcher.

So after I had installed Aura Kingdom, again, I launched it. And it crashed. I launched it again and this time I made it almost to the end of the loading screen before it crashed. Nonetheless, it still crashed. I couldn't help but feel annoyed that I'd waited so long and then I couldn't even play the game.

20 minutes later, a rather irritated me managed to get the game to the create a character stage. As I was creating my character I noticed quite a bit of lag where you pick the race/job of your character. When you picked one, it showed you a little preview of their attack and for me it was not smooth at all. The characters themselves look nice and have a 'chibi' style.

I then entered the game, the tutorial (if you can even call it that) is a bit awkward to play, not because it's hard but because there are SO MANY cutscenes. You go from one cutscene to another and you get barely any time to experience the in-game time.
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I have played this game for a while now and so I can safely say that this is a good game. Despite all of the negatives, once you get past those there isn't really anything that is holding you back. I have played it for hours and so i have to reccomend it. The simple answer to the problem with in-game add-ons is to not buy any, they can't say you've been inactive when you weren't active in the first place. If you don't give them money it can't come back to bite you later.

if you download this game because you and you're friends want to play together then honestly I would reccomend you not to. This game is a solo game, me and a few of my friends tried to play it together but all that we did is wait for each other to finish missions, you can't help each other to speed it up. Also, the main game doesn't seem to start until you're about level 60.
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Author Jias
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