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Survivng long enough to put your clothes on

Hi! I'm sure you've picked up the bundle of trauma and psychotic breaks known as "Rust", and have since discovered that this game is HARD. Not only is it hard enough to survive the crippling hunger, dehydration and animal attacks, the other players have an inbuilt bloodlust and natural hostility that makes you fear for their sanity. You won't need to worry about this, however, as I have lovingly prepared this guide for you to survive long enough to at least put some clothes on.

So! First things first. You've woken up on a beach with nothing but a rock and a torch, and you're stark naked. What you're going to want to do now is RUN. Often on the beaches you will find nakeds (new players) killing each other with their rocks and harvesting their flesh. There are also clothed players who camp the beaches to kill nakeds and... you guessed it, harvest their flesh.
After you've run, if you see any hemp or food of any kind (not animals) on the way, make sure to pick them up. Now you'll need to find a tree and start hitting it with that fancy rock of yours. Whatever you do, don't lose the rock. Not at least until you have tools. When you hit the tree, you'll see a red cross appear on the trunk, hitting it will yield extra wood, but it's not worth the effort even if you have a hatchet. You can hold ALT to look around while you're chopping which will make it easier to see if anyone is sneaking up on you.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
After you've gathered 300 wood, craft a spear. This spear is your first true weapon. It will defend you from other nakeds. At this point, if you encounter someone with a bow, run. If they have a gun, give up. You don't stand a chance yet. Oh, and still run if you see anyone with clothes. They probably have other weapons. Gather around 500-1000 more wood. You'll need more again later, trust me. Now it is time to find a stone node. Stone nodes can be tricky to find because everyone will mine them when they see them, which makes them quite rare. Don't waste any time with the metal or sulfur nodes, they're useful, but not until the later game. When mining, hit the shiny spots. They do the same as the red crosses, but they are way more effective.

After you've got enough stone, craft a pickaxe. This will increase the resource yield and mining rate of gathering stone and ores. Gather more stone, then craft a hatchet. This will do the same, but for wood.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
You should now have a lot of food and cloth. If not, I'd recommend looking near streams for food. That's wear people tend to plant their crops, so they're easy to steal. Make sure to drink from a stream until you're fully hydrated. If you have enough cloth to spare, make a bota bag and store water with you on the go for emergencies. Eat enough food so that your hunger bar is also completely full. Now, with your cloth, make the following items:
- Stone Spear
- Hunting Bow
- Burlap Shirt
- Burlap Trousers
- Burlap Headwrap
- Burlap Shoes

Well done! You now have clothes. These will protect you slightly. Make sure you craft arrows to go with the bow. Now that you're pretty well equipped, I'd recommend hunting animals and possibly nakeds depending on your ability. Don't hunt wolves or bears. You will die. Painfully. Once you've killed the animal (or naked) hit them with your pickaxe to harvest them. If you get any human meat, discard it. Eating it will fill your hunger but lower your hydration dramatically. Any skulls you get should be crushed for bone fragments. Hide and animal fat are useful, so save them. Once you have 30 bone fragments, make a bone knife. This has the best flesh harvesting powers in the game and is incredibly useful. Bone fragments can also be used to make arrows and bone armour, which is the best you can get at the beginning at the game. The bone headdress is good, but a helmet made from a wolf's skull is best (can't remember the name). Make sure to cook food before you eat it otherwise you will be poisoned and don't drink seawater. You will die. Painfully.

Remember, before you become incredibly powerful, don't trust anyone. Even if they seem really nice, don't trust them. They're either going to kill you or they are just incredibly naïve. It's also a good idea to put down a sleeping bag to spawn at. Make sure you hide it well otherwise others will destroy it. Do the same for your base.

That's all for now, Bye!

-Written By Fairy Nuff
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