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So you want to play Warframe? A starters guide.

Before you start Warframe there are things you should know about this game... It's both grindy and addictive as hell. If you are the type of person who is driven by goals, then this is definitely the game for you. I personally have about 300 hours so far in Warframe and I don't see myself stopping any time soon. This guide is going to help you learn some, probably not all of the things you need to know when you start out in the game.

Before you start:

Do NOT spend your platinum on anything else other than Warframe Slots. That Syndana might look pretty... but it's a wolf in sheep's clothing!

The Tutorial Level.
The tutorial at the start helps you get the feel for Warframes mechanics. Here are some of the things you should know about it.

- Loot everything and kill everyone. This is self explanatory, but its not just for the tutorial level, throughout your play on Earth (probably Venus and
Mercury too) you will just want to make sure you loot everything you possibly can, there may be a chance you can get a rare drop early in the
game to boost your warframe and weapons early (I found 3 rare mods on Earth alone).

- Once you pick up your weapon, if you don't like it you can still change it. This is something I didn't know until my second playthrough. When you
are prompted too pickup a weapon, you are able to try out the other one on the table also.

- Choose your weapons wisely. It's good to choose one silent weapon when you start for stealth missions. The Mk-1 Paris might not look like much,
but it is a powerful starting weapon and is silent.

- Excalibur! This is the Warframe to choose at the beginning. Excalibur will take you longer to acquire than the other 2 starter frames (Mag and Volt) and is also very powerful.
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General tips - These are tips for after the tutorial, they may help you in the long run.

Codex Scanner - As soon as you can, buy around 500 Codex scanners. You want to scan as much as you can in the beginning. Keep scanning everything you can until they turn green. Later on this can be utilized when finding rare containers as they should be the only thing that isn't green.

Look at each frame on the wiki ( - This way you will get to know what each frame has to offer, then you know which one to go for and how to get it.

Syndicates - Don't just choose any old syndicate. You need to look through what all of them have to offer which mods you will like in the long run. The previous tip can help in deciding a syndicate. Also if possible it is good to do the initiation with the syndicates affiliated with your chosen one.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Tips in the long run.

The wiki is your friend - Other than the community, the wiki is the best thing for finding out what you need, it is good to keep the Void Relic drops tables bookmarked so you know where to find that last part for your Nekros Prime!

Selling Mods - When selling mods, only sell your duplicates. You never know when you need a mod and there are many times where I have sold mods and then needed them.

Know what you are trading - When trading people will often ask "WTB prime junk 5:12" or something similar, unless you know the rarity of what you want to trade don't do it. Some prime parts that are no longer on drop tables are worth up to 40 Platinum each!

Log in every day if possible - It's best to log in every day if you can, sometimes you may get something more rare such as an orokin reactor or catalyst, you can even get blueprints!

I hope all these tips help anyone wanting to start the game.
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