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Five nights at Freddy’s, ultimate custom night review

FNAF UCN or five nights at Freddy’s ultimate custom night is a free game on steam or a relatively cheap game on mobile that involves almost all the characters in the FNAF franchise. Today I will be reviewing the strong and weak points of the game as well as the mechanics based on the pc version of the game. There are many ways to play the game as you can choose from the 50 characters and set them from any difficulty from 1 to 20 or you can do the set challenges in the challenges bar. These start small and increase in difficulty as you complete them. There is also the somewhat secret final challenge of beating all 50 animatronics on level 20 difficulty which is known by the fan base as 50/20 mode. This is one of the strong points as it is a very good game for the FNAF community as you can create your own challenges and share your opinions and experiences with animatronics with one another. The animatronic list is a mixed bag which allows for both positives and negatives for this game.

By having a wide list of animatronics to choose from it allows for a unique challenge of memorizing how to counter each one, however this also means some of the jump scare animations are lacking and also that some of the animatronics are overpowered compared to other animatronics with a similar mechanic. Thankfully we are given the death coin which can be used to counter some of the most overpowered but not all of them can be which I feel was a slight oversight as some characters that are in my opinion worthy of the death coin did not get it. Another new mechanic is the option to ass items to help you before you start your night, these are very useful and definitely something you will use when you get to the harder challenges. As you continue with the challenges you will get a point score and will unlock interludes and new offices as you beat harder levels. While this is a nice touch it also can be a bit of a hindrance as already unlocked interludes cannot be skipped and also certain offices are so heavily decorated it can make it hard to see certain animatronics.

I would recommend this game to anybody of any age as long as they are not easily disturbed by jumpscares. I would also recommend caution to those who tend to get angry when gaming as certain animatronics can have slightly unfair mechanics can cause rage in many. A prime example of this is dee-dee who is a non-customisable animatronic that can either increase the difficulty or add in any character or even her own secret ones that you do not know how to counter and have to learn by research or trial and error. This adds a bit more of a challenge (and reason to stock up on anti-Dee-Dee items) it also adds a lot of rage to the game at times; However the rage somehow adds an addictive quality to the game as you wish to beat it, and when you do it gives a rush of joy that is hard to find in other games. To conclude FNAF UCN is a rage filled rollercoaster of “fantasy and fun” that can be unfair but is definitely worth playing and interacting with the community or watching walkthroughs online for tips.

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