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Rust etc - First Impressions

Rust seems like a game you could spend hours on. It will take a while to settle in and your first few deaths will be devastating. Once you learn the basics and begin to sit back and get the feel of the game you'll really appreciate the graphics. The game has stunning water and light visuals and amazingly running them at a high setting don't lag your game. It is a ruthless game but one that you could spend hours in.

With interesting proximity chat that is a far more viable option that most other games make proximity chat to be, you will always be able to find someone who is on the same level as you and willing to work together to keep safe. There is awful consequences of losing each other though which makes the game incredibly intense and communicative.

This game wont take long to come to enjoy it but it might just take years to master this expansive game of surviving the food chain.
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World of Tanks is an action-packed but strategic game of war between massive metal machines. Wither you choose big guns or fast light battle cars you will always have a different, unique and fun experience that most games can't offer.

Light Tanks: Scouts on the battlefield, they cant take many hits but at lighting speed they wont get hit, they can spot tanks across large distances while staying concealed allowing other tanks to rain death upon foes.

Medium Tanks: They are great flankers and can strike effectively and efficiently form anywhere on the battlefield.

Heavy Tanks: These tanks are always at the front line. They take hits, the deal them and well THEY HAVE BIG GUNS. Some of these guns can penetrate the thickest of armor or make tanks explode into fireballs.

Tank Destroyers: They are concealable, powerful and snipe with extreme effectiveness. Tanks wont survive long against one unless the tank destroyer gets out-maneuvered.

SPGs: When the light tanks spot the enemies these tanks are the first to strike with devastating artillery blows. For the strategical and patient gamer allowing maths to come into the equation of destruction.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Counter strike: Global Offensive is a game of extreme skill, communication and a tonne of concentration. Every footstep can be the difference of life and death and every separate pixel aimed upon can be the difference of dealing a crushing blow to the head or being wiped clean of a competitive match win.

CS:GO is the most competitive game out there but also the most laid back and fun in some aspects. From making profit from skin trades or being a hardcore competitive player with 1000s of hours you can be sure that CS:GO is a game you'll play and not leave until you've mastered.

With an ever-changing meta, constant new skins buying and gambling sites, this is a game that is a gateway into the depths of video-game marketing and trading making some people mega profits. But being the downfall of others.

This game has a massive pro-scene spawning hilarious videos of hilarious you tubers or some insane plays from the best players like 5v1 clutches in the last 10 seconds of the game.

This game is sure to make you cry and laugh.
5.0 (1)
Author P4TR10T
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