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Ultimate Money Making Guide for GTA Online

GTA Online is a simple game, but if you really want to afford that new super car that just got released, here's what you need to do. There are many methods and usually the more money you put in to a business the more you get out from it, so it is a profitable investment. That requires you to constantly grind for cash and make deliveries.

To begin with, you must have atleast 1,5 million in the bank already. It is quite easy to get to, if you play regular heists and races, that money will add up pretty quickly. After that has been done, we can continue with our money making guide.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

My recommendation would be to buy a MC Clubhouse and they you can buy a Coke business, the cheapest one. It will set back you quite a bit of cash but it will pay off. When you are buying the upgrades for your business, the last one I'd buy would be the security upgrade, as it doesn't boost profit, it only makes raids happen less often. Raids are quite easy to defend against, so no need to worry about that.

Another profitable method is to buy a bunker, also the cheapest possible. It yields almost same amount of cash as the coke business, but costs a bit more. In my opinion, bunker restock missions are more fun too.

Third option would be to buy an office and a vehicle warehouse. It is the most fun method possible and you can earn up to 320,000$ every half an hour or so if you have 3 friends helping you. You can drive different super cars and modify them for free. Ranging from a X80 proto to T20 to Z-Type, there are cars to steal and resell for everyone's taste.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

I recommend you to buy only one of these businesses, because you don't have time to work with all three. Also if you have friends helping you, grinding can even be fun and more profitable for all of you. And if you can't seem to find anyone to play with, might help you.

I almost forgot to add one of the most important things. Since GTA Online is usually full of griefers and hackers, I suggest you join an empty lobby and play with your friends there. A good glitch to help you get into a solo lobby is to:

1) Open task manager while you're in a session,

2) Open performance tab,

3) Open resource monitor,

4) Suspend process of GTA Online for around 10 seconds, then resume it

5) You now should be in a solo public session. Enjoy!

With these three money making methods you should become rich quite fast. Just be patient and you'll see the results! Soon you will have every item in the game you ever wished for!

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