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Garry's Mod (B2P)
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I Met Garry (The creator of Garry's Mod) On A Star Wars RP Server?!?!

Garry's Mod (one of my all time favorite games) is just one of those games I keep coming back to. It is different every time I play, this is due to how it was made. And even though it was created by Garry (Who still did an amazing job to come up with this idea and the code behind it all) the community is the one who truly have made this game what it is today. Anywhere from RPing (roleplaying) being a thief or a regular citizen to minigames which you can concur or fail at, this will not fail to impress! A few of the most famous types of servers which be:
DarkRP, these are normally counted as the best RP servers as they gain the most amount of players.
TTT, aka Trouble in Terrace Town, this is where you have to work together to find out who is the terrorist among you all. (This is one of my favorites)
Prop Hunt, where you has hiders and seekers (basically like hide and seek) however the hiders can change into props and have to blend with their environment.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Now you know a little run down of the game I will now tell you about my experience where I met the great creator of this game, Garry (Who I am now truly sorry to, this will become clearer in the story). And for those of you out there who cant believe me I have linked a picture showing my achievement which I got when I met him. Only 2% of people who played Gmod (Short for Garry's Mod) Which is such a small percent and when you think about how many people play this game it is an amazing honor to have this achievement. However at first when he came onto the Star Wars RP server (Which I was playing at the time) I didn't think he was the real creator of the game and so did everyone else on the server. We didn't show a lot of respect towards him, which I am truly sorry for now. We mass RDMed him (Random Death Match) this is forbidden in servers, however we didn't want people faking as Garry.. only if we knew he was the real one... It was only the next day when I actually found out he was the real Garry.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
This achievement is so hard unless you added him as a friend before his friend list got filled (which was probably when the game started getting big around the time when the Yogcast and other major Youtubers at the time played it). So good luck finding him as he literally can be in any server, you just need great luck and he will find you. I really recommend you get this game. It has an infinite amount of things you can do. Also you never know but you might just gain friends and actually be popular on Steam. Also this creative game my be just the thing to get you motivated to actually help the community and make the next best game on this amazing game... So why not come and try, after all you don't know what you like till you try.
Thanks for reading my review and story about Garry's Mod. See you on the game.
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Author Sren
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