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Garry's Mod (B2P)
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Garry's Mod, the game with everthing

Garry's Mod, the game with literally everything. Garry's mod allows for each, individual player to play and create their own maps and game-modes along with joining others on the extensive server list. This means that no matter if your looking for a place to role play as a WW2 soldier, hide as inanimate objects from seekers with guns or fight wave after wave of zombies, this is the place for you! And if you are worried about server population, don't be, almost all of my favourite game types often have thousands of players in game at any given time. Not only this, but it doesn't require the next gen gaming computer to run like an increasingly high number of games today. So, for this and many other reasons to come I would certainly recommend this game to anyone. So, I hope your interested enough to read on!
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Garry's Mod is a game designed around the sandbox element, so how could we skip over that here! For most new players, the first thing they will ever do in Garry's Mod is to play sandbox mode, including me. When ingame players can select from a plethora of options to build, create and reek chaos with, which can only be expanded through the use of mods! Of these they include, but are not limited to, trains, guns, wheels, chairs, bathtubs and even Nukes! When playing with friends, sandbox mode is a prime choice as you can do whatever you freakin' want! Armed with a "Gravity Gun" and a "Physics Gun" you can build, weld, move and launch any object summoned in with a touch of a button and if it all gets to crazy you can reset the map in an instant. Sandbox mode is just an overall fantastic mode to get stuck into whether you're a new player, or you know what you're doing.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Now, Garry's Mod is an unbelievably diverse game where you could be surviving on a planet only inhabited by monsters, "Garry's Mod Stranded", and then role playing as a storm trooper the next, "Star Wars Role Play". With it's ability for anyone, including You to create your own unique and exciting games anything is possible. So whether your into role playing games, first person shooters, survival based games or anything else, this is for you. Not only are there many great games and maps you can play by your self but here is also an amazing server system with the ability to freely join servers dedicated to your favourite games. So for these any many other reasons I would deeply recommend this to anyone looking for a great, cheap gaming experience.

Overall, I would rate it 10/ 10.
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