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Warface: The best Free to Play FPS.

When I first began to play, I thought Warface would be a low quality game. I was very wrong. Warface is one of the best Free to Play game on the market, and it is the best Free to Play First Person Shooter. It has a large fan base, many multiplayer modes, and some degree of costumization. In this review, I will be going over the operations, the realism, and the multiplayer mode “deathmatch”. Note that some of this review is based on opinions.
Firstly, the operations mode.

The first thing anyone does when they log in to the game is play an operation. The operations are a good way to prepare to play on a PVP server, and also a good way to make friends in game. The operations go up in difficulty, and you unlock harder and newer ones as you level up. This, in my opinion, is a good system to raise difficulty without making the game overly difficult. Operation mode also allow you to unlock new guns, and give you the upper hand. The operation mode in Warface is one of the best modes in the game, and is very fun to play.
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Next: How realistic is Warface? Warface is not the most realistic game on the market, but the unrealistic features of the game make it more enjoyable to play. Features such as reviving teammates from the dead make the game a much faster paced and action pact game. On the other hand, Warface has some very realistic mechanics which add a degree of strategy to the game. This is evident in features such as helping people climb tall objects. Unlike most other games, this game allows you to help teammates jump up tall objects, and have them help you. This will give you the upper hand as you have a top down view of the battlefield.

A degree of realism is also present in the guns. Each gun has realistic damage, accuracy, and recoil. The only unrealistic feature of the guns is that it does not affect your running speed. Other than that, Warface has some of the best gun mechanics in the gaming world. In my opinion, this game has a perfect balance of realistic and unrealistic features in the game.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Now, easily the best part in the game, the multiplayer deathmatch mode. The deathmatch mode offers fast paced, balanced gameplay between two teams fighting to victory. The maps all offer strategic points as well as tight corners and open spaces. This range of map features help vary the style of the game, and offers a good position to all 4 classes in the game, whether it be a sniper or shotgun. The 4 classes in the game also offers a range of enemies and teammates, each with different weapons and play styles. This helps the game be addicting and enjoyable to play.
The deathmatch mode doesn’t feature a single AI, meaning you are playing with real, genuine people.

While playing Warface’s multiplayer deathmatch mode, I noticed just how different each map in the mode is. This shows how the developers actually care about the game, and this mode itself, and shows the dedication the developers have.

Overall, I think everyone should at least give this game a try, as it is free.

Thanks for reading my review, I hope it helps!
5.0 (1)
Author Mushman123
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