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Neverwinter: MMO Meets DnD

Neverwinter is a MMORPG game in which you go through a DnD World in which have similar races to other MMOs, such as everquest or world of warcraft. Human, High Elf, Wood Elf, Two Different Dragonbornes(actual half dragons, not like Elder Scrolls Skyrim where they are any race with the blood of a dragon.) and alot of different varieties between them, such as humans are the jack of all trades and get more points in their base stats. Which they are like, you guessed it, DnD-like. You have Strength, Constitution, Wisdom, Charisma, Intelligence and I think agility. Now to the start, the classes are kind of cut-n-dry classes such as Great Weapon Fighter, Ranger, Cleric, Mage, Rogue, but has a more of a dramatic lore gameplay sense than most other MMO's(in which can be good or bad depending on your tastes as a gamer)
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Before the next subject, I would like to go over a simple analogy for what the DnD Stats are for your character.(remember, it's an analogy, not actually what they do)
Strength: How hard you can throw a tomato
Constitution: How long you can endure eating a rotten tomato
Intelligence: Knowing that a tomato is a fruit
Wisdom: Knowing not to put a tomato in a fruit salad
Charisma: Being able to convince someone that the tomato you have is better than someone else's tomato.

The start of the game is a bit weird, in which you land on shore with no recollection of who you are(well, you know where since you had to choose why you came to Neverwinter, being a refugee, a wanderer, or a vague third option) and you are thrown into this nonchalantly, while they teach you the controls of the game(which in this day in age, I still don't know why we need this pleasantry)
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I played through some of the starting quests to get to level 20, which for Bananapedia users, is a milestone. The quests are very short but is somewhat copy paste, but the lore is really good considering how small the map is. The developers really crammed this small world with tons of stuff to give you alot of lore, sidequests, goals, PvP and things to do. Also the Group quests are easier to use than most games since you can auto-queue where you can do other things like fetch quests while you wait. If I had to say, Neverwinter is World of Warcraft's lost forgotten middle child, in which it tries it best to impress but it is often overlooked by far more fleshed out and neat games. If you ever want to try something different I would greatly suggest Neverwinter to be in your steam library(or if you play without steam, then on your desktop browser of choice.)
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