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Bleach Online
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Bleach Online: Very Fun

This game is a very unique experience, and I would recommend it to any serious gamer who is looking for a game to pass the time. When you first start you'll notice that there is a lot going on and you may see it as overwhelming. Well it's not too bad. the easiest thing to do is just follow the tutorial and it will guide you through the game with ease. I found that just letting the game guide you through it is the best way to go. Game play may get a bit repetitive but overall I really like the concept. Follow the story line for the best experience on this game. There are three different classes to choose from; Ghost Blade, Spirit Blade, and Kido (My Personal Favorite) Ghost blades are like the shinigami while Spirit blades are like Quincys. Kido are like the arancar which are seen later on in the anime.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Follow the story line for the best experience on this game. I found that the story is really similar to the actual anime. So if your a fan of Bleach or even if you just love any anime. I strongly recommend reading through the story as you progress. The bright colors and unique art style keeps you hooked and coming back for more. Has a nice welcoming feel to it. There are daily quests as long as many minigames you can play for unique prizes. You even have a home and a wife that you can upgrade and interact with. There are numerous ways to pay real money to upgrade your character or customize to your playstyle. There are even achievements you can go for, if you like to 100% games. This game is mass multiplayer so jump in with some of your friends and fight together. Even make a guild and rise to the top.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Nemu gives you a daily quiz for some extra rewards, so if you think your a fan of bleach try and stump her. There are so many different zanpakuto you can unlock and use too. There is a soul map where you can customize your skills you use in battle. Even customize your formation for certain fights. There is also a fun Bikini Game that gives some nice fan service if your good enough. Tip: Let the bar move back and forth a couple times and count, count how long it takes to get from the side to where the point is. Then count down and hit space bar once you honed in on when it will land. The first couple will be easy but it progressively gets harder.

Overall this game is incredibly enjoyable and definitely one of my top picks on bananatic. What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Thank you all for reading my article and I hope you enjoyed! (^o^)/

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Author Gaven213
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