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Bleach Online
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Black online is an ordinary mouse click game which is 2D and offers a fictional set of mind in the Bleach manga/anime. You are able to pick a mixture of 3 male / 3 female characters when starting the game on a server. Each character has different abilities from a well-balanced composition allowing you to combat enemies from your desired skill set. For example, if you were to select the character from the image in the class known as 'Spirit blade' you would get a balance of attack and defense whereas if you select another character from a different class like 'Ghost blade' you will get more attack but less defense. So by choosing individual classes you are automatically decided on your attributes on how you will develop in the game however this can all be changed when you upgrade by fortifying your equipment and refining them.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The game itself is very simple and relatively easy for a beginner for example when you first delve into the game you start with an auto-battle tutorial where you are instantly guided through the basic foundations, this can be helpful. The user also has multiple features that appear on their screen with different events that can be unlocked, this can be somewhat disturbing but it takes time to get used to, on the plus side you are able to close the panel for more viewing. With many stuff to do, you will always feel that the game is endless but on the negative side is that majority of the unlocked features require gold which can be purchased with real money, this can be unappealing for a free player. Some of the iconic features from the bleach manga are represented into different styles and formats in the game that is inviting.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
One of the features include battling a 'Jigokucho' to help support the relationship of your character, this also allows you to upgrade your virtual home from defeating them and interacting with many other features of the home. You can complete daily missions to upgrade your home and increase the number of times you can smash the cat for earning silver.

Overall the game itself has a good bond with the anime manga of bleach and replicated the characters with accuracy, yet it lacked the main storyline which can be distraught by some fans however on the upside it is an enjoyable game that keeps you playing by completing varies quests and leveling up to unlock new events and advance your character that you created based on the game. Currency on this game can be an issue in terms of upgrading to the very best items but it can also take a long time to obtain those items with silver.
5.0 (1)
Author Edsnowey
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