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Complete Guide to Level 30 on Bleach Online + Quest Help (Quickest Way)

For those of you out there that think that Bleach Online has a bit -too- much text to read through and all you want to do is to get your quests done, here's your guide. The 3 main things you need to do are this:

1. On the Current Task on the right side of the screen, click on the blue text or any clickable text on it to auto-pathfind your way to the next quest/battle. When you get to the select battle screen, simply click on the monster you're supposed to be attacking (has a sword icon over it normally) and then go back to town via the path-finding and you'll level up in no time!

2. To equip items for you and your partners in your Formation (will be in the tutorial on the game) any time, click on Partners in the lower right of the screen and then simply left click on the items you want to equip.

3. Be sure to check your daily sign-in, beauty game, fortify equipment time, upgrade soul map (i think it's linear), etc. The amount of silver you have is shown in the top left part of the screen above your characters.
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But you also might be asking, how long will this take? What are the Bananatic quest requirements you need? Here's your answers:

1. The quest levels you need are level 5 (first quest, sometimes it just does it automatically), level 17 for second quest, level 20 for third quest, and level 30 for third quest. This will gain you 1,200 bananas and 1,400 experience points in total.

2. The time needed to do these quests is very low. Maybe a total of 3 hours if you simply do the auto-pathfinding quests and follow this guide for the other requirements you might have missed.

As for the few things you might have missed or are confused about, here they are:

1. Bikini points are for upgrading your Girlfriend. There is a quest along the way that makes you interact with her but there is no tutorial for it. To do so click on Home in the lower right part of the screen, then press a house called Girlfriend in the top right part of the island and either go to Party or Soul Interaction and click on Shacking in Party and Normal Interaction on the Soul Interaction page. Your quest is now done!
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As far as I know there was no other quest than the one I mentioned without a tutorial, but you may be wondering what the purpose of getting to level 30 is other than getting those Bananas? While Bleach Online is kinda of a cluster of many things at once and hard to keep track of, the main things to remember are this: complete quests, fight harder and harder enemies, fight in the arena if you feel like doing PvP, stay around for events (much higher level thing, requires a clan), do daily quests and sign-in, earn bikinis to upgrade your girlfriend (personally my favorite aspect of the game ;)), and much, much more! The game has kinda grown on me even though I haven't paid the utmost attention to it while leveling, but at level 25-30 you unlock a huge amount of things to do such as Achievements, Special War Powers, Daily Task, Modify Partner, Black Market, Experience Instance, Soul Hunt, Mondo Attack, Secretary, Secret Treasure, Mod Soul Home, Trial, Arena, and of course the most fun part of all, Nemu Class. At level 30 you're just opening up the possibilities of the game and I hope you keep playing it and it's actually fairly fun for a browser game. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me directly or on the forums. I hope this helped you on your quest to be a Bleach Online Master!
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