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Bleach Online
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Bleach online is a MMORPG game . Just like any other MMORPG you need to fist create a account and then choose a server on which you want to play the game . As you enter the game , the game ask to select you hero out six characters from the Bleach anime . Once you select the character the tutorial of the game begins and it pretty much guides you through the basic of the game . You can make your character stronger by equipping Items to your character. Also you can recruit NPC's to your party and equip items to them as well. you can recruit different characters : 1 vanguard , 3 attackers ( of which one of them is you) and 3 support. The battle mechanics of the game is automatic , i.e. once you go in battle mode the characters fight on their own.
Also they use their special abilities on their own too. They use of ability is sort of turn based.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Apart from the main quest there a lot of other challenges you can do . Also there is a battle arena in which you can fight players . There are a lot of prizes that given to you for various reasons like daily login , reaching level 12 ,achievements ,etc. You unlock your Home in the game at level 15 . At home you have many thing but on thing i find funny is to beat the girl squad to collect BRAS so that you can "upgrade" your GIRLFRIEND . In the game , you can do various things to with your girl friend like take her to shopping , Dinner and *cough* other things. Doing these things with your girlfriend gives you soul points which help to upgrade your characters abilities . Also , there is a section in the the game where you find out the secrets of the bureaucrats and force them to strip ( HEHE ).
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The game is simple and easy to play. Levelling up the character in the game is quite easy . The Quest for this game is to reach level 12 and to reach level 18 which you can complete within one Day and get 850 Bananas ( or 1700 if you have 2X Bonus active.)
If you wish to change your character or want to do something differently that you did previously in the the game , u can always change the server and get a fresh start . The game servers hold are independent are not influenced by other servers , even if they are of same region. But once you use a server you cannot make a fresh start in the server instantly .. ( you can always contact support) . For eg. if you are already playing in EU492 then you can start fresh in EU495. CHANGING THE SERVER DOESNOT MEAN THAT YOU CAN REDO THE QUEST . Once you complete the quest ,its done.
Also , try hovering on the female characters which show up during the loading screen , you may be in for surprise.
5.0 (2)
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