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Bleach Online
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A new and different game about the Bleach Series

In this game we will start a new adventure in the universe of Bleach, Bleach Online is a game in which we will be part of the universe from the Bleach series where we can be one of three races available, we can select a character that can be a Shinigami, A Quincy or an Arrancar, and the three races have a choice of male and female characters.

When starting in this game we arrive at an initial town in the society of souls, something that I like is that we can physically customize Nemu who will give us a kind of secondary mission where she will ask us some questions about the Bleach series and we can receive gold That we can use in the game, in this initial town we will find many characters from the original series and each one will give us different missions
The problem that I noticed at the time of creating my character was that we can not modify anything physically, we will have to select the pre-established character from each race, that is very common in this type of game but it really is a bit boring since We can not customize the character we selected.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
While I was leveling and performing several missions I was able to get several characters from the bleach series who joined my team and together we defeated several enemies, this also gives us the option to modify our strategy in battle and select who our characters would be Defensive, what would be medical support and what would be the attackers.

The game Bleach Online joins elements 2D 3D effects for the characters, we will have a very common battle system, This battle system has a side battles mode and “automatic attack” that will make our character attack automatically.

Bleach online presents a great variety of characters to recruit and depending on which character we choose at the beginning we can equip it with different objects, for example, I select the character from the shinigami race and this character can equip them with their Zanpakuto swords.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The soundtrack from Bleach online is a bit simple, but it does not take the fun away from the game, the soundtrack in this game may be a bit repetitive but for this, we have the option to be able to deactivate the soundtrack and only leave the sound effects of the skills.

Speaking of the battle system, each of the skills animations are not done in 3d, these effects are done in 2D just like the battlefield, but this does not make Bleach online look bad in the actual combat this It adds more intensity to the game since the skills are very well detailed.

After playing Bleach Online I can tell you that it is a good game to play in the internet browser, it is a bit simple and after a while, it can become repetitive but still good to distract yourself a couple of hours at day. So give this game a try
5.0 (1)
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