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Bleach Online
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Bleach Online is Not a Stain that has to be Bleached

Online anime based MMOs like Bleach Online are becoming a prominent trend in the MMO genre, but with the rise in popularity of anime MMOs such games have become the victim of mostly undeserved scrutiny. There are many anime fans who view anime MMOs such as Bleach Online as simply a shameless way to cash in on a popular franchise, but I propose this is not the case with Bleach Online. Bleach Online caters to fans of Bleach and anyone who enjoys casual gaming. It is an MMO that seems to acknowledge those who watch anime are most likely to enjoy a causal gaming experience as they have other time consuming hobbies, and also acknowledges that others who enjoy causal gaming should have the ability to play and enjoy Bleach Online even if they have not seen the original media. Bleach online is a game that is strongly correlated to its original source material, but is also a game that presents itself in such a way that even those unfamiliar with the series should have no problems following along.
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In many ways those unfamiliar with the source material may feel more compelled to carefully read over NPC dialogue, which is greatly beneficial to the experience of Bleach Online as it gives each quest a defined purpose and in itself isn’t a hassle as the dialogue is not lengthy or hard to understand. The story is easy enough to grasp from NPC dialogue. The player character is a soul reaper who lives in the Soul Society. The job of the player is to destroy Hollows who are a danger to humans and ghosts. An individual unfamiliar with the source material seeking a more in-depth understanding of Bleach lore can continue through the game to put pieces together, or clear up any misconceptions through skimming a quick summary of the source.
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A way the game does cater to those familiar with the source material is in a menu referred to as “Nemu Class,” where questions about the original material is asked for a chance to earn silver. But some questions have obvious answers even to those who know nothing about Bleach.

The game itself is quite easy to play gameplay wise due to a mechanic referred to as auto pathfinding that allows the player to automatically run to the NPC that will give the next mission. The game does sometimes seem to face the problem of forgetting what it is trying to be. This is a problem that can be seen in its menu layout. The game menu is scattered, complex, and has an overabundance of options something that is common among MMOs, but does not have much of a place in a simple browser based MMO. This game menu can be closed as seen by an x in the corner, but it does not stop the menu from being rather irritating when open. There’s a lot of flashing animations in the menu that can only be closed by doing whatever the flashing animation wants you to do within that menu, which can be difficult to figure out how to complete. One of those flashing menus is actually microtransaction based. You don’t need to do microtransactions to close it, but you do need gold that can only be obtained in surplus from microtransactions and is also used to do other things within the game. That limited purchase menu isn’t closing any time soon for me with 30 gold. These flashing animations add to the difficulty of managing an already overly complex menu. The complexity of the menu could suggest the game expects to greatly expand in the future if the user base expands, which is even more of a reason to see where this game goes.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The battling in the game is automatic, but does require a sense of strategy. If the weapons or armor the player chooses are too weak the player will not be able to land any attacks at all, and despite the necessity of being an appropriate level and having the appropriate armor enemy attacks are not that strong; this means the player will not be able to land any hits or do appropriate damage but the enemy will take forever to knock you out. This leaves the player often waiting several turns for the enemy to finally finish you. I only made this mistake once as the mindless waiting was painful. The game manages to set appropriate repercussions for being under prepared. Overall the game is a very good casual MMO game with certain mechanics that suggest it intends to evolve into something bigger if the user base increases. This game is worth playing simply for seeing where the game ends up, but also has many attractive qualities as a game.
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