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Travian legend: a good game

Today I will take you to the world of Travian Legends, with my review, I'm naturally referring to one of the best strategic FREE browser games.

The game mechanics are the same as any other strategic free to play, the player is called to earn resources of all kinds, in order to build and expand their kingdom, complete the quests, deploy the army for battle and so on saying.

At the beginning of the game, we will find ourselves choosing one of the factions to impersonate, including Romans, Gauls and others, each with its own characteristics and abilities, addressed to different types of players.

For example, roosters are recommended for those with less experience with resource management, they are not skilled attackers but defense experts. After choosing the faction, it is time to elect a king or governor, a completely new feature compared to many other strategic games.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
In the guise of the governor, we can attack the raiders' hideouts, in order to speed up the recovery of resources, while the king has the task of making sure that his kingdom grows and expands, having continually to do with the paperwork.

Thanks to the streamlined and intuitive interface plus a well-made tutorial, anyone is able to learn the game mechanics from the beginning, to try a unique and fun experience.

The first quests require us to build the first buildings, which will act as a real reference point, as the barracks to train the guards, naturally the buildings vary according to the class chosen and can be built with the resources accumulated.

As with any other strategic browser game FREE, every action takes some time to complete, so resources will often come into play, essential to speed up the procedure.

The first buildings are built in just 30 seconds, but as the level increases, the time required to complete the operations also increases. Some areas are aimed only at players of a certain level, so initially we will find ourselves to climb as much as possible to conquer the territories or have a hope of defeating the opponent.

After improving their buildings, it is necessary to send troops not only to conquer the neighboring kingdoms, but also to patrol the areas adjacent to their kingdom, in order to find the resources necessary to continue the improvement of buildings and the army itself.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Each quest, if completed, rewards players with a certain amount of money or resources of various kinds, too bad that many of them are aimed at improving a certain number of buildings or conquering adjacent territories.

Each kingdom has its hero, who can be sent on a mission, both to recover resources and to spy on opponents. Unlike other strategic games, Travian Legends allows us to have protection from the opposing players, for a whole week, the time needed to improve their kingdom.

Besides the roosters, equipped with strong fortifications (recommended for defensive lovers), you can also choose the Teutons (raiders skillful in the attack) or the Romans (technologically more advanced and skilled both in defense and attack).

Regardless of the chosen tribe, after logging in, essential if you want to continue the game keeping your progress, at a later time or from a different location, you will face a map similar to a chessboard, where in the middle there is a square indicating your village, which is divided into two areas

The first area is represented by structures such as warehouses, barracks, academy etc., the other is linked to the collection of resources. The first days will act as a tutorial, which illustrates the new players, everything you need to know, from the construction and evolution of the buildings, to the training of troops or collection of resources.

The battles are divided into 2 categories, from targeted raids to theft of resources to real fights. Unfortunately, however, the players can not in any way influence the battles, it is the game server to decide the outcome, showing you the final statistics with everything you need to know.

Travian was one of the first browser games to appear on the Web, recently it has evolved offering innovative and fun gameplay, full of features, not counting the graphics and sound enhancements.
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Author Izanagi66
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