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Metin 2 | How It All Started (Review)

I have started playing Metin2, in 2006, when I was only 4 years old, i never got any level higher than 20, at that age, maybe until 2010. I remember when my brother went away for holidays, so i installed a Private Server of Metin2 (It was Easy server) And i hit level 120 instantly, i was so happy, but lol..

So in 2011 my friend, got an account on Metin2, and he had FMS +7 so i decided to throw it away lol.. i don't even know why..

The game, maybe isn't as fun as it used to be, but it's still good, to be honest the game went into Pay2Win in last few years, that's why i recommend playing on private servers now, maybe Hard or medium servers, or Medium/Hard. So you can know what it was like in 2010, or even earlier.

30% Of people are now scammer, in Metin2, but there is still some nice people you can meet, for example i met 2 guys, and now we play on like 6 different private servers, and we change server every few weeks, just because we want to find a really good one, and we look for people to play with us.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
As my favourite character in Metin2, always used to be Warrior, I always used to Level Up, and then choose Body as my skill type, i always added skills wrong way because i added +1 to each, not knowing you have to max out one skill, and then other one, and do it that way, haha..

Lately, i have started playing alot as a Shaman, skill type Dragon, and it's really fun, you don't even have to XP for yourself, because you can buff someone and they XP for you, also i have been always playing as a girl on Shaman and my name always is like " SexyGirl69 " or something like that, guys give free items, thinking you are a girl, lol.. someone gave me items worth like 2kkk on a private server, which is a lot, knowing that items cost maybe 300kk for a FMS +9 with 3KD +5 (Yes, some private servers have KD +5)
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
I really like the way that Metin2 is on Steam now, avilable to download so you can play with friend, and you can see what game they're playing and they see what you're playing, Metin2 always was a good game, and it's a big step up, that now they're on Steam,

I have never played with the new character " Lykan " I have heard that it's Overpowered, which may be true, and looking at YouTube it's skills look like all skills from all characters added into one, lol.. I'm being honest, Lykan is a bad thing for the game, and a good thing, it is bad because all players will die against it, and people will have to learn how to play with it, and most people know the game from it's 4 characters, it has 5 now, and it's a good thing because they have added something new to the game, and not something new to the ItemShop.. lol

Thanks for reading this review!
Hope you enjoyed it! :D
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Author ArniRecords
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