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Metin 2 my first MMORPG i ever played

When i got my first computer (it was pretty trash) i didn't even have internet connection so i made an account and played this game on my neighbor computer but after a week or 2 i got router and the first game i got on my computer was Counter-Strike 1.6 so Metin 2 was my 2nd game i ever played but it was my first MMORPG i ever played.

When i first started i was playing like a noob and it took me like a full week to get to level 30 and to buy FMS.

With time i started to learn how to play and got very good with time but i still didn't know how the game mechanics worked so i watched on youtube..that was the first time i visited youtube and because of that i spent like 4 years watching gaming videos every day :))

So after i watched the video i started bonusing my items and after farming a lot and spending a lot of some precious time i got in top 10 players of that server

After some time my brother wanted to play this game too so i started teaching him the basics.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

After a lot of time spent and a lot of fun that i had the server closed...when i saw i was so pissed off..i wanted to destroy my computer but than i had to understand the admin decision and i started searching for other servers that i can play on.

I found Metin 2x it was a PVM-PVP server with max lvl 99 and it wasn't a official server the rates were a bit bigger but it was still more harder than the fist server that i played on.

I had some friends that played on that server so they helped me and i started to like the server.

I discovered how hard it really is to get books because on my fist server i will just buy them from the shop but now i had to break metins and to farm more and more but with time i liked it a lot and had a lot of fun...until....well....i got banned :| because i had more than 1 account....but the thing was that me and my brother played on the same computer and that pissed me off again so i created a new account and started over again.

It wasn't that hard but i was stil angry.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

It was a lot easier cause i knew how to level up faster and how to get all items but i like a month or two i finally did it...i got again in top 10 players of that server i was so happy that i could do that and i didn't create another account for my brother so we had to play on the same account wich was a bit hard but we dealed with it.

But guess what...i got scammed and i lost all my items so fist thing that i did was to try to contact a admin of that server and have him help me so i can get all my items back...i was so angry about it.

So after a hour or two i finally got to talk with one of the admins i had some friends with me that helped me calm down and to don't swear while i was talking with the admin so we can have more chances to recover my items.

After i told him all that happend to me he told me that he can't help me with nothing.. cause i did that with my account and my account wasn't hacked or something so he couldn't do anything and i told him that i will quit the game but he didn't care..

So i quited the game and never came back :( but i think that is better cause now i can spend that time on things that help me and things that are more important.

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