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An old classic from the childhood of many people

Well let's get straight into things Metin2 is one of the old classics that brings a tear to my eye although it's not a recognized title by many it was still one of the most popular games in the European countries it released and Turkey, the game released in 2004 and is still played to this day although its not its former glory there still is a player base that loves the game, this game as many have said is nostalgic I guess you can say that about any game people enjoyed as a kid but this one is one people still play to this day, at this point the game has one official server with multiple little ones inside over the years many of the small servers have merged due to a dying player base these are called global server its where everyone started their journey off and how do you start ?

Well the starting screen you will be met with metal music which is every track in the game metal and intense you can still find many tracks on youtube and you will find people reminiscing about the time they played metin2

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

And now we are brought to the starting screen where you get to choose the country you want to represent Chunjo Jinno Shinsoo then you choose one of the four heroes for the rest of the game there are four classes Shaman Sura Ninja and Warrior now there has been a new class added a good few years ago Lykan there is also a choice between a woman and man then choose your nick and your good to go enter the world you and spawn in the country you chose and your adventure begins

The game is quite complex and doesn't really give you all that much guidance at the beginning but that doesn't mean you can't just ask a different player if they know the game is all about a community and having a good time playing making guilds getting involved in boss battles, guild battles or just messing around in the rivals country killing them although you can't kill a person from your own country unless you turn on free mode or want to have a pvp battle with them you can kill anyone from the rival country as that's what the game is about the battle of countries so you can go to a rival country and test out your new pvp equipment against the unsuspecting players usually most players will have at least two sets of equipment pvp and pve

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Now there are two ways to play the game on the official server or on a private server there are many good and stable private server which have been around for a couple of years and others which stood for less than a week as there are cheaters and modders some just want to use cheats to gain an advantage some to test the server to see if has any exploits now the main server nobody would recommend starting their adventure in this time and age there aren't many new people and mostly the old dogs which have been with the game for years the best way to play is on a private server which is from your country if you are an English speaker only you will need to find an English speaking server although some server have English options they are mostly from a specific country these days its Germany Turkey Poland and a couple of other European countries now lastly there is no denying that the game is focused on the pay 2 win feature altough in most private servers its not a problem and altough it will take more time a f2p player will still be able to acheve what a paying player has altough never on the same level they can still enjoy the server

and here is a track that always brings back so many memories

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