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Grand Theft Auto V (B2P)
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GTA the game we all know

So GTA is the franchise everyone really knows whether you are a gamer or not you probably heard about GTA and the latest GTA V although a good few years old it still a very relevant title as the player base is very much active and stable I feel like a lot of people grew up with the GTA franchise since i think we all knew that one kid who had the game since his parents didn't mind but your parents didn't let you play "because the game is too violent" they said and you would assure them that the dozens of people you ran over were an accident I think that really most people played the game it just has the aspect of freedom that people really like you aren't really told what to do you can do anything you like and that's what really brought the game its fame well the two most popular titles have to be GTA San Andreas and now GTA V those are the two most modded and played titles out of all with there still being a community in GTA San Andreas that plays the online mode which was not included by Rockstar but made by the community

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There are two communities that play the game the people that play offline and the people that play offline, now why would you play offline? well the real reason is mods and there are so many mods you can spend a long time in GTA offline modding the game adding mods that were made by the community weather is becoming a cop or just trying to improve the game's graphics now modding is only available to the pc players of the game and with all these mods also came a mod to make your own server whether you want to host a server to play with friends or join a server that has multiple mods like the real-life mod where you become who you want, make money and treat it as a second life buying cars and houses trading and talking to other players and you even have to pay taxes a really evolved game this is and something most people really miss when they look at the game as most people play on console and don't even realize the possibilities the game has to offer now you can also just play the game online in the vanilla server by Rockstar and enjoy the game aswell altough much more of a pay 2 win exprience if you decide to play the game that way but really no matter how you play the game you will always have fun weather its with friend or alone

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

To finish off I would like to thank the developers for making such a great game to grow up with and it really didn't influence me in a bad way at all I turned out just fine. This game is something everyone has to appreciate as it has brought so many people together to play and over the years never gets boring as there is always something to do sort of second life if you will now if for some reason you never played this game then this is your chance its quite cheap nowadays and still provides a lot of fun and even if you don't have the money to buy the game then you can always save up on banantic to get the bananas for the game in the store its really one of the games you really won't regret buying and find yourself coming back to the game even when you leave i hope this article gave you a perspective on GTA and how it may have influenced your life and that is in hopefully a good way also i hope you got some memories back the great nostalgia of playing some older titles but remember nostalgia is sometimes best kept in the head as sometimes what you think of a memory is better than the actaul thing meaning you probably wont have the hours of fun with an older title but 30min of game time and you get bored and get back to do what you were doing

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