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Warframe (By a newbie who only just reached MR10)

Hello! My name is Jarbey. A few months ago I began playing Warframe and I'm still playing everyday! Its an amazing game that isn't scared to be complex (unlike destiny) and here is what I thought of it. Overall I thought it was an amazing game and it even tore me away from Overwatch.

What is Warframe?
Warframe is a strange game. Its an MMO but not an MMO. Its sorta like a hack and slash Sci-Fi game but its not. Its pretty much unique. Many compare it to destiny but its so much better. You have a star-chart to explore, items to find and quests to complete. The game is based aroung warframes. These are characters that you can play as and all are very unique and fun to play. Its a very pretty game despite being free and the end game is entirely based on making your warframe look pretty. The community is very friendly (as a whole) and the game is surprisingly balanced.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Is it really F2P (Free to Play)
Yes but you'll want to spend money on it. If you farm for rare items you can sell them to other players who value their time more than their money. This allows you to get platinum (The premium currency) without spending money but its random if you will receive items that are worth a lot and it can be very frustrating. If you don't decide to spend money, you can still do everything others can do, it will just take longer and if you do decide to spend money it feels as though you are actually getting value for it, unlike many other games where your money just disappears.

Is it Grindey?
Yes. Very. But not in a bad way. Getting those rare items gives you a sense of accomplishment and it ensures newbies don't come on once and get the rares item straight away. Its grindey but in a fair way.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The Community!!!!!!
The Warframe community is amazing. Everyone is nice and many will actively help you get what you need. The trading is fair (most of the time) and global chat is a good laugh. The game is designed to be play'd as a group of 4 but don't worry as the random people you meet are mostly nice.

Is it for Everyone?
No. Its hard to understand, take ages to get every little thing and makes you wanna cry at the drop rates but for some people it will really click and you'll love the game so much.

Try the game. Its free and has a kind, welcoming player-base to help you. There is nothing to lose. I'd happily pay £40 for this game, no hesitation!!!

Warframe- Player you play as.
Platinum- In game premium currency.
Mods- What you use to make your warframe and weapons stronger.
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Author Jarbey
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