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They said this game was supposed to fail, now look where it is.

There are almost thousands of MMO's out there that promise a lot of bang for your buck, but this game promises almost everything it has for free; Bang for no Buck. Before this game became what it is today, it had a long and arduous crawl out of "Developer Hell" called out by other game developers as a destined failure. This game to this day has proved them all wrong. The game is vivid, expansive, and expressive. The game mostly relies on a randomly generated tile sets, making all level experiences unique and never the same. This game is also mainly built around the idea of co operative gameplay which further emphasizes the MMO element. From personal experience, this game is more free than most other MMO's. If you got the time for a grindy but rewarding game for absolutely nothing, get in this!
By playing this game you can get 880 Play
The community is not only expansive, at around 30 million registered users worldwide, they are beginner friendly and jovial. if you every have any questions on quests, materials, or anything Forma related, hop straight into the regional chat! There are always more than plenty enough people online willing to give newbies a helping hand. Its often difficult to know what the true endgame is in Warframe since its still technically in development, but most players agree that the true endgame is FASHION. As you play the game and get familiar with its in game currency, platinum, you will begin to crave more ways to customize your frame (player's armor) with the hundreds upon hundreds of attachments. This isn't even including the cool stuff you can get during holidays when special content such as skins and colors for your weapons and frames get released!
By playing this game you can get 1060 Play
Warframe is not a perfect game, never was and may never be, but the game is under the care of excellent developers who pass patches and updates on the game just about every week. They are incredibly responsive and listen to the Warframe forums for anything bug or patch related. Clever and loyal, the developers have stuck with this game since day one and nourished it into the gloriously loved MMO it is today. Back when this game started out, there was almost nothing but one kind of enemy and a single tile set and only a couple of frames to play. Now, the game has over 24 unique frames to choose from, each with their own special abilities and several more tile sets and a recently made free roam map known as The Plains of Eidolon. This game oozes content and doesn't show signs of stopping anytime soon.
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Author TGI_fibber
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