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How to Get A Better Warframe

Warframe is a game all about farming and grinding. Not saying this about all free to play games, but they generally have a bit more of a farming aspect to them. Warframe is similar, but the way you get different "Warframes" can still be a lot of fun. Okay, to start off you must research which Warframe you want. When you search up the warframe it will generally tell you where you can find them. It will talk about certain planets. When you load up warframe you will be given a map of the solar system, and each of the planets has some sort of boss you want to battle. Each of these bosses contains a blueprint for the warframe you want or the pieces of the Warframe that is. To get these blueprints are simple, just kill the boss. On a side-note, I always suggest going into a battle with a squad/group of people as it will be several times easier and quicker to kill the boss. (Keep in mind sometimes you will be given duplicate blueprints, but that's fine, just keep repeating the mission until you get all the parts, in addition, you need to buy the COMPLETE warframe blueprint on the market, they go for pretty cheap.)
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Next is building the parts you need. Once you get the warframe part blueprint, you need to go the Foundry which is located on your ship from the beginning of the game. Next, open it up, there may be several another blueprint but just navigate to the blueprint that you need. Now comes more grinding, so get ready. Once opening up the blueprint you will see you need four different ingredients. These ingredients can be found usually in certain places, so I suggest to look up on the internet. A great website that was created by the community is
"" This website will give you lots of information on the game and aspects of it. Keep in mind that Warframe is a game that is a bit confusing at startup and you may need a little bit of guidance when beginning. But it is okay as this is one of the few free-to-play games that reward you for your hard work and grinding.
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Some of the ingredients you will need are harder to find than others. For example, morphics. It is an ingredient that is very well needed for most started weapons in the game. When you start the game though, you might have no idea where to find them. Then you realize you can beat Captain Vor on Earth to get some, and when you get to Mars, you might have too many of them! This is a game all about progress, so you will want to invest lots of time into it. The game also has a very nice community to help you out when you are in times of confusion. There is also another way to get items that are hours quicker. This is by using Platinum. Though it is very hard to farm platinum at the start, there are several guides suggesting how to. Though in many players eyes, platinum is one of that pay-to-play currency in games. Though to enjoy Warframe, needing Platinum is not necessary. Hope this guide to getting Warframes was somewhat helpful, thanks for reading!
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