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Goodgame Empire
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Goodgame Empire: First thoughts on the game!

Hello! This review will be on Goodgame Empire.

First off, this game is similar to games such as Clash Of Clans, Clash of Lords 2, etc. It's a "Build your castle, create an unstoppable army, form clans (or alliances, guilds, whatever you all them)", etc. This game is a different in its own ways.

First, this game is set to a medieval period. You train all kinds of knights to take over the kingdoms. Later in the game you form alliances, where you can help other players in there to try to be the best! Not joining a clan doesn't give you an advantage, so join one asap!

There is PvP and what I guess would be PvG (player vs. game I guess). You can raid other players bases. When doing this you pit your army vs. their army and defenses. I will explain more below (second part). The PvG (please comment if you would know what it is - is it PvE?) is where you raid castles called "Robber Barron Castles". I will explain more below, but it's an AI base that you can attack for resources. There are little-to-none troops at the start, but as you attack it more it will get stronger.

Let's get right into explaining the whole "game" part.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
^^^ Even the Signup screen looks fun and exciting! ^^^

When you create an account, you find yourself inside a small base. At this point, you want to get strong fast. I recommend you focus on upgrading resource stuff near the start, as you will find that producing mass amounts of food, stone, iron, and wood is super helpful! So, unlike Clash of Clans and other games like that, in GGE (Goodgame Empire) there are technically no defensive "buildings". Your defense consists on your troops and your defensive structures (you have to create them). An example of a defensive structure is "Flaming arrows". On the offense side, you have your troops that you train, but you also have your offensive buildings, such as a "siege tower" or a "battering ram". I love this part (as I play Clash of Clans, it seems unique). If you love chatting, this game is pretty good at it! The chat is nice and clean. I just would like to say chatting isn't a huge part of the game, as most people just PM people separately, like "move your base towards us!" or mass DMing everyone, like "everyone raid this guy, we are at war with them!" That's another thing: I like how you can put alliances in categories. I love how you can see your enemies and allies just like that!

Now, time for me to tell you guys about the PvP and other good features in the game!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
^^^ Starting Castle ^^^

Troops: I know you are probably wondering "How many troops can I have?" There is no "limit" on troops per say, it depends on how much food you produce. If you have to many troops, your food will run out and your troops will rebel and leave you. I recommend running your food to the brim, not going over but having the max amount of troops. Remember: There are offensive and defensive troops. If you use offensive troops for defense, there stats go down.

Robber Barron Castles: All castles start at level one for you, and will go up one level as you attack and beat them. They will become on fire as you beat them and will gain a shield. After the shield ends you can attack them again, but they will become level 2, and will be stronger. There are also special ones that are very strong that come during events. These ones will always be 5 levels above you.

Outposts: You can capture an infinite amount of outposts. These outposts are relatively strong, and will probably beat your army if you try to attack them soon. To capture an outpost, you must build an estate. Outposts are like your regular castle, but only produce 2/3 resources. For example, an outpost may only produce food and stone. You can't obtain wood there, but you can gift your outpost wood from your main castle, or another outpost that has wood.

Alliances: Alliances are a big part of the game, as you can benefit off of them. There a chat system, a smithy (you forge equipment), and upgrades. To earn the upgrades, members donate resources (or rubies at higher levels) to the alliance bank. If your alliance accumulates enough resources, you can get upgrades. I would do that.

Those were some of the features I love in the game, it is a quite a decent game. Unfortunately, lots of players buy rubies to speed up progress and gain a massive advantage over you. I know they want to make money, but there are, in my opinion, too many special offers. I rated it below.

WildFire scale: 7
5.0 (7)
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