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My First Impressions

Warframe has a vast and interesting world with many aliens such as the Grineer. They have manyd different weapons and frames to purchase. It is a really impressive game considering it is for free. It is available on consoles and PC so I highly recommend giving it a try.

The weapons in the game are extremely satisfying to use. The bow is one of my personal favourites along with the rifles. You can slash at your enemies or use your frame abilites to eliminate the eneimes with ease.

I have only scrapped the surface of the game but I can see how much depth went into it. There are many planets and places to fight in. You can now even fly in the Plains of Eidolon I believe. Alas, this place is a very difficult area for newcomers. But you can fight lower level enemies so you won't be missing out on the fun.
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You can get these little support units called sentinels to help you in battle in different ways such as collecting loot for you or firing a laser beam. They can be a grind to get but they aren't neccessary in the beginning of the game. But I will admit that I bought one due to how cool it looked. It was on half price as well on the PS4 version. Not sure about others but I would assume so.

The customisation is pleasant. I have my Calibur in red and white. The weapons are also of this colour scheme. The movement in the game is absolutely astonishing. In a matter of seconds, I can zoom across the map with no problem. It helps me stay alive when I'm low on health or to simply get to the objective.

Using a keyboard is a viable option but I found that a controller was much easier to play with. Although, your aiming won't be as good.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The story is something I haven't gone too far into but I have been told it has an incredible one so I will have to find out for myself soon enough. The game itself is well put together and the graphics is amazing. It will require a very good PC to run. But if you have that, then you're guaranteed to have a blast with your friends. This game is extremely fun with your friends.

Maybe it is just me but I do find it hard to progress through the planets such as Venus and whatnot due to the requirements you need. But that could just mean I'm bad at the game since I know that my friends are on much higher planets than me.

Overall, this game is worth a shot. You can't go wong with it. The fluditiy of the game makes it feel like heaven to play. Warframe is very popular so there is a massive fanbase so you're sure to find other online games or versus modes.

I rate Warframe an 8.5/10.
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