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Platinum and you - A guide on what to spend your starting platinum on and how to get more!

The Starting Platinum

Now, Warframe has one of the best free to play models on the market. They allow you to purchase special currency like any other game which can be traded for in-game rewards, but they can also be traded between players. You start off with 50 in-game special currency called "Platinum". This starting platinum cannot be traded to other players. (I've personally tried this method as to get free platinum from alternative accounts.) This starting platinum is just a little boost for newer players to be able to purchase things such as Warframe Slots, Orokin Reactors or Catalysts (Many players refer to these items as potatoes due to their appearance) at the start of the game. It is recommended to purchase two Warframe slots as only having two when there are around thirty to choose from seems too limited in my opinion.
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The Trade Chat

First thing is first. You need to be at least MR 2 in order to trade. This is quite easy to obtain by levelling only the starting gear you get. Mastery tests can only be attempted once per day.

Now, this place isn't all rainbows and glitter farts, these people are just like you - wanting to make some quick platinum FAST. They're full of either Shark that is going to try and wring you dry of every bit of platinum you have or get you to sell something at a 1/3 of the price for it. Or they are full of people like you that just started trading and have little to no idea of how things work. There are third party sites that can provide information on the average price for a selling item. For example, is such a site where you can see a graph of the recent sales of a specific item. In the screenshot, here's me viewing the average price for Primed Pressure Point.

Now, one thing to note about the graph is that the Mod Primed Pressure Point has 10 ranks to it (Can also be written as R10) - which is expensive as hell to level it up that way (Nearly 2million credits!) So people are spending a lot of credits into this, let alone Endo, which costs around 40k endo to level it up to max rank. For some people, they get this mod but don't want to spend the resources into this, so they just sell it at R0 at a much cheaper price, so use this as a guide of what to sell your items at. I personally would see this graph and sell an R10 Primed pressure point at around 250 platinum.
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Now, this site isn't just here to see what you can trade for what prices, you can also find people to trade with on this site and get people to find you on this site. You simply sign up for this site and you can place stuff you have for sale and people, if they see that you're online in the game and have an item they want at a price they're willing to pay, will send you a message in game to trade with you.
Rivens are later game content.
Now Rivens. They're JUICY.

A riven is a random stat generated Mod for a specific weapon and cannot be used on another weapon. However, they can be used on other variants of the weapon unless it is specified to one variant.

A good site to check what stats you want in a riven is This site can tell you the possible outcomes of a riven, the average prices of rivens, and the most sought-after statistics of rivens. This is a good site to use as a template of what you want to use to get out of your riven roll. At the time of writing this, the most expensive rivens are the scoliac rivens, an unrolled scoliac riven able to go for 700 platinum out of the box. Easy platinum if RNGesus is on your side.
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