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Best free mmorpg since 2013?

I have been playing Warframe [here on Bananatic] since 2013 with a few breaks. The game is truly amazing with very high detail put into the game and the quality of textures is better than most games that you pay for. In-game, you play as a chosen at start 1 of 3 characters called Tenno. Tenno is a space ninja warrior that masters his primary weapon which is a gun or a bow, a secondary shuriken or a pistol or even a third weapon which is your melee weapon which can be a scythe, mallet, sword, dagger and many more to pick from. In this game you play on pre-generated maps which makes the missions unique no matter how many times you play. You also farm loot to power up your weapons, companion or your Tenno. You can also craft more than 3 Tennos, there is about 30 of them in-game you can farm and create without spending a penny on the game. Soon there is going to be an update which allows to free roam and even make your own design of weapons with different handles, blades and more. No Tenno is ever the same as you can also change the colors of your picked Tenno to make him fit your taste. Each Tenno has 4 different skills that you can master to your profit. If you are a fan of the Destiny series, you should definitely try out Warframe as it is a better, free version of that game.
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The game has an online mode where you can play missions together with friends or just other Tenno. You have also an option of playing solo if you wish. The other online mode is where you can play vs other Tenno in a team deathmatch. Also, you can find a map where you can talk, trade and show off your amazingly designed by you Tenno to other players, just like a town. Also the game has raid options to loot better items and create better weapons or even a better version of your favorite Tenno. If you need help with anything there is a chat for recruiting, trading and just a casual chat to talk to other players and ask them questions about the game. Forget the toxic community in moba games or fps shooters as Warframe has an amazing community with no one being toxic or harsh, we all are a family and we all try to help each other.
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As you progress to do missions you will realize that there is truly more than you expected as there is over 10 planets and over 10 missions on each planet which can even go up to 20 on a planet. You fight against really smart AI enemies which have 3 factions, the Grineer, Infected and Corpus with each having a different weakness, look, weapon and play style. Each mission shows who you will be playing on that map so you can get your weaponry set up for the dedicated enemies. With each of the factions having a different design to their maps and surrounding. Some missions will be on earth as on ground, some will be in space and some inside spaceships to give you a feel, that you really are a ninja space warrior. If you don't believe that you are a ninja space warrior how about you pop in the game and do some freestyle running up walls doing some back flips to land a perfect slow down time bow shot right in your enemies weak spots?
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Author Kindred
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