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  • CRSED: F.O.A.D. Play CRSED: F.O.A.D.!

    Give it a try if you have Fortnite or Apex Legends in mind, this is not like PUBG at all.PROS:Graphics: One of the most beautiful graphics I have ever seen. I like how they put effort on making home interiors detailed with so many things that I forgot and those are not just props you can also destro...

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  • Roblox 5 Ways to Get Popular on Roblox FAST!

    If youve ever played Roblox, then you know how fun but addicting it can be. People play for hours on end and meet great people that they can play with. If you see the words "public" or "private" on a game, it means that it is public or private. There is a chance that if your game is public; other pe...

  • Roblox ROBLOX Why Kids Are Obsessed

    it stared in September 1, 2006 when a guy called David Baszucki CEO of ROBLOX .Lets get one thing straight. Roblox isn’t really a game. Its a free platform where players can dip in and out of different virtual worlds and play any game in them. It’s packed with user-created content spanning a dizzyin...

  • Cunt Wars Adult The Hybrid knight guide

    Hello everyone, today lets talk about the hybrid demoknight(hybrid-knight). If you play team fortress 2 then you probably know about the demoknight. Demoknight is one of the subclasses for the class Demoman. Demoknight is a subclass which changes the playstyle of the Demoman from a sticky-spammer to...

  • Brawl Stars It's brawlin' time. A review of brawl stars.

    Brawl stars is one of supercells greatest games as of right now, it may even be one of the best moblie games out there! This game is just amazing, your goal is to progress in the trophy road and unlock new characters (called brawlers) along the way. Violence is the bare minimum with players eliminat...

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  • Genshin Impact — General Info

    Genshin Impact has been on the rise ever since it got released. With its unique characters, interesting storyline, and magnificent landscapes, it caught the hearts of millions. The game hasnt been out for a long time, making its debut in 2020 and winning Best Mobile Game in 2021. Its an open-world g...

  • Dead by Daylight — Latest Updates

    Dead by Daylight has been one of the most popular horror games for around a decade. Although the horror aspect of the game is slowly dissipating for many players, new users still find the thrill here and there. Add to that, jumpscare Myers is always around to keep us on our toes. Developers are also...

  • Fortnite One of the biggest battle royales out there?

    Fortnite is one of the battle royales out there. It is more cartoony like apex legends but with the ability to be able to build as you fight. Each season can be jam packed with fun things to do and it can be a great game to play with your friends. There is only a single map, but it is constantly cha...

  • Warframe Should you play Warframe in 2022?

    Were halfway through 2022 and there are lots and lots of looter-shooters out here. With so many options to choose from it is hard to make a choice. Even with so many games from the genre available none of them match Warframe. This game was released back in 2013. At that time I was not much of a game...

  • Cunt Wars Adult Correct placement and maintainance of Buildings

    Engineer is one of the best defensive classes and has many buildings on his side to strengthen his defences. An engineer can counter almost every class in the game. His Sentry Gun, Dispenser, and his teleporters allow him to play both aggressively and defensively. He also has a very big arsenal that...

  • Cunt Wars Adult Demoknight for beginners

    Demoknight is one of the first subclasses in team fortress 2. Demoknight is swift fast and amazing. Demoknights are very scary, they tend to be very skilled players. Most of the demokinght players are either trolls, professionals or complete beginners. Just like any other subclass, the demoknight re...

  • Cunt Wars Adult Battle Engineer in a nutshell

    The Engineer is a defensive class which excels at area denial. Playing as an engineer requires you to do three things only. Those three things are:- To collect metal, build buildings, and maintain buildings. Doing this over and over again gets pretty boring. When playing as an engineer, you should a...

  • Cunt Wars Adult Combo Pyro for starters

    If we talk about the best classes for high damage output then pyro is certainly one of the best classes. Pyro deals constant damage and also deals damage when he is not attacking. Pyro has an afterburn on most of his flamethrowers and secondary weapons. Pyro is already a very good class for dealing...

  • Cunt Wars Adult How 2 Engineer(beginners guide)

    Do you love playing tactically and defensively? If you do, then the Engineer is the best class for you. Engineer is a guy from texas who loves technology. According to the description of meet the medic cinematic from valve, the engineer has over 200 IQ and over 11 PhD. The engineer is categorized as...

  • Cunt Wars Adult How 2 Demoman(beginners guide)

    Do you like explosions? If you do then look no further than Demoman. His name says everything. He is the Demoman, he demolishes. Demolish is a Scottish guy who loves two things, Alchohol and Explosions. He is categorized as a defence class by the game. Just like heavy, Demoman is best for area denia...