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  • Roblox ROBLOX: A brief review

    What is ROBLOX? What to know before getting started? Facts about ROBLOX:Roblox is a prodigious online platform where kids can engender and interact in what its makers describe as "immersive 3D worlds." Players are given the opportunity to engender an avatar (player) for themselves and allotted an io...

  • ENLISTED Enlisted: An Honest Review‎ ‎ ‎

    If you encompass the second one german navy earlier than strugglefare, you could pick as much as 4 specific squads that youre going to apply whilst in strugglefare after loss of life together along with your soldier, you could pick a specific one out of your squad.This is a completely new concept fo...

  • Roblox A day of playing roblox

    Roblox is a game where you can play different types of games such as adventure and etc. It is one of the best games to play multi games along with playing with friends and family. It allows you to play with different opponents your skill level to make things even more intense so you don’t get bored...

  • Crossout Crossout - A game review

    I love this game! It’s really fun and addicting, and the graphics are great. Super good if you’re feeling really angry or upset. I passed it but it wasn’t easy, some levels were really challenging. It’s hard to pass them quickly and effectively, but with effort you should be able to. You need to be...

  • Clash of Clans Why is Clash Of Clans so good?

    Clash of Clans is a great mobile game, its so good that I play it! So the game composes of resources (gold, elixir and dark elixir) which is important to upgrade your buildings, attacking, defending collecting and getting in events is involved, so the main point of the game is to expand your "base"...

  • Apex Legends Apex Legends Review 2022 IMO by zFected

    It’s fun but dang is it hard. This so much happening all around you. It’s nice because you have so many characters to choice from and so many guns. Honestly I’m not much of a gamer but this game makes me want to get better. Free multiplayer battle royale with loads of Champions to chose from, each w...

  • Star Doll What is Akinator and what is it about

    Akinator is a game where a robot gives u tons of questions and u have to try and answer the questions and u have to make the robot guess what you are thinking of. Akinator is a popular game made by a company located in France called Elokence. Akinator is very good at guessing and any 3 modes u pick...

  • Booty Farm How to get good at Agar Io.

    First u have to complete the tutorial it’s easy. When u have completed it u just have to name ur character then you can start a game. When you start the game just collect the small balls and do not attack anyone since u will probably die doing so. If u have a good skin always use it since it’s impor...

  • Mafia Battle How to get to townhall 6 fast in Clash of Clans

    When you first start playing the game do the tutorial but do not spend any gems wait it out since u will need those gems later. Also when u are at the goblin map only use 1 wizard since u will need the 2 other ones when u start to attack other players. When you have completed the tutorial all you ha...

  • Castle Clash How to reach level 10 as fast as possible in Harvest land

    When u start playing the game all you have to do at the start is to complete the tutorial. It’s important that when the tutorial says that have to use diamonds that u don’t use them because u will need them later. After u have completed the tutorial u will be lvl 4 the levels will get harder and har...

  • Roblox My personal opinion on Roblox.

    Hello there, this is my personal opinion and review of the game Roblox. First of all, whats Roblox? Roblox is a multiplayer online platform with multiple games to choose from. It was released on 1 September 2006 and it evolved a lot since then. It is a very popular game as it has over 216 million mo...

  • Opera GX | Gaming Browser Opera GX The best Browser For Gamers

    Opera GX is undoubtably the best browser for gamers. With its built in VPN, adblock, and its system limiters such as ram and cpu limiters. You can browse the web without having to worry if your game will be able to run with this in the background, because you have complete control over how many reco...

  • Castle Woodwarf 2 How to get 1500 throphies fast

    When you first load into brawl stars u should do the tutorial as fast as possible. And when you have done it load into a game of solo showdown. When you have everything ready and ur in a game try to hide and dont try to kill anyone or destroy a chest. Just wait the games out until you have 15 throph...

  • Conqueror's Blade Conqueror's Blade - A Hidden Gem Among MMORPGs

    Do you like tactical games? Do you like MMORPGs? Do you also like medieval settings? Well, if you have said yes to all three of those questions, I have just the game for you! Conquerors Blade is a game made in China, created by Booming Games and Booming Tech. In this game, you take the role of a war...

  • Tentlan My view on farmerama

    Farmerama is an original farming game and its based on a little farm u start with. U can buy crops for free and other buildings are also free. Farmerama was released in 2009 by a company called Bigpoint. Because of the early release of the game it brought a lot of online farmers to the game since th...