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Team Fortress 2
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How To Get Good TF2 Part #2

Hey, guys, this is the second part of my guide in TF2 of how to get good.Check my page for the first part or I will link it down at the end of the article.
This time I will be discussing three more classes in TF2.

#4: Sniper
Sniper, in my opinion, is an overpowered class.It is really good for taking out Heavy and Tanky classes.With headshots, it can almost 1 shot any class except for Heavy's that have special buff items and perks.In MvM it is also really good for dealing with high health classes.Sniper also has a machete for close combat.It also has a rapid fire pistol.It can get upgraded weapons as you level up.It is best for team support as well like many other classes.It should stay the most in the back with the engineer and support the team with his sniper.He can also take out enemy snipers at the enemy lines.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
#5: Spy
Spy is a very sneaky, agile and strategic class.It can disguise itself as another person on the enemy team as whichever class.It can also turn invisible for a little while.The sapper it has can shock nearby electronics like Dispensers, Sentries, Teleporters.The spy also has a fast fire pistol and a knife which if he backstabs someone does massive damage.In MvM the spy is good with zapping the machines and kiting enemies.In general, he is good with kiting and distracting enemies while your team takes care of the enemy.If an enemy, however, fire at you even if you're disguised or invisible, they will do damage to you and ruin your disguise.You will become suspicious if you're disguised as the person you're right next to.He will know that there can't be two of himself so try to stay away from the enemy.You cannot access enemy features such as their base.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
#6: Heavy
Heavy is by far the strongest class in the game in terms of damage.It has a minigun that has the fastest fire-rate and does incredible amounts of damage.The heavy class is by far the slowest and has the most health.It has a lot of ammo.It has no melee attack weapon it only has fists.You can literally pull out your fists and you can hit enemies with it.The heavy is really good in general at attacking.It should stay in the front attacking with his minigun with the pyro and scout.In MvM the Heavy is very good at taking down large units like the tank and even the small ones like fast machine scouts.The heavy should stay at a high altitude point if possible to avoid getting shot while still inflicting damage.

Well, that's all for this Guide again if you want to see more please share with your friends.When I look at the amounts of views and likes I realize you want to see more articles so I make more.Thanks.Please like, share and please comment your feedback.I appreciate it.
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