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Lumber Tycoon 2 - Tutorial to get money

You need money for your missions or for buy some things? Come to Lumber Tycoon 2. See this post and learn how to get money easier ^^

-{Lumber Tycoon 2}-
On Lumber Tycoon 2, your mission is cut off all the trees you can, upgrading your material to get money more faster.

-{Get started}-
First, you need to buy an axe on Wood Rous, the shop you'll see on the start of the game. You start first with 20$, but the first axe you'll see onfront the door, with a yellow box, costs only 12$. You'll need to cut off some trees and try to get money, at least 90$ to upgrade your axe, 190$, or 550$ to get a hardened Axe. Also you can get a Chop saw, but it cost 12200$, so, you'll need to farm a lot. Playing in this server, also wasting money to upgrade things before getting the needed money, you'll be able to complete the 2000$ mission in like 1 hour.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
-{Land Store}-
The Land Store is very important in this server, also get a land, that cost 100$. With the lands, you can build your own house in a small land, but don't worry, there are better lands far away in other sites, but you'll need it to start your own adventure and complete your missions. With the lands, you can place your cars and your sawmills in there, very useful, cause if you refine the pieces of wood you get, you get more money than without refining it. Using a sawmill, you can get 1000$ from cutting off three of the basic trees. The car is very useful to transport the pieces of wood near to the sawmill, but with a basic car, you'll only be able to transport two small trees or one big tree. There are some modifications for your car, you from the start, you wouldn't be able to upgrade it if you need the money for your missions.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
At first, you'll see two type of trees. To cut off one try, you should buy first an axe. After that, you'll need to click in the same zone of a tree, looking his black line. This black line, when reaches the other site of the tree, will make it fall down. Looking from the entry of the Wood Rous shop, there's a wood dropoff, use it to put your wood and get money. The first trees you'll need to cut off are the green trees, the most basic trees here. This trees doesn't give a lot, but it doesn't need a lot of time to cut off it. The second trees are the rose trees, that are like sakura's trees. This trees, using a sawmill, give a lot of money, so, they're very useful after getting money and buying some upgrades.

You can find the server here:

Remember to follow this tips to get started here. There are more ways than this way, but it's so useful for people who needs money.
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