How does it work?

Bubble Blobs

Are you ready to take on the tough sea creatures of Bubble Blobs? If so, why not start playing today? The game has enjoyed by players across the world and is an exciting bubble shooter with a growing reputation. It is known for its excellent graphics and fun soundtrack. Bubbles are added to the game whenever you are unable to combine a minimum of three same-coloured blobs. You may even shoot blobs indiscriminately to score low points and avoid penalties. There are 50 levels to work your way through, which means there are hours upon hours of fun to be enjoyed. Why wait any longer to get started?

You can use your mouse to click and drag rows or columns to make chains of sea creatures and burst their bubbles. You will receive a vast bonus for blowing up the more formidable and vast sea creatures. What’s more is that you can create chain reactions and obtain bonus points. Why not do what so many others have done and immerse yourself in the colourful and exciting world of Bubble Blobs today?